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Introduction: Hawick Knitwear (02:34)


House of Lords' Digby Jones helps transform iconic British companies to help them keep ahead of global rivals. In this film, he will consult with the managers of a Scottish textile mill.

Hawick's Textile Tradition (03:31)

Located on the Scottish border, Hawick Knitwear is one of the town's remaining woolen mills, and employs 235 locals. Digby intends to help the company create a plan to compete against cheaper Asian products.

Private Label Work (04:31)

Second generation milling man Malcolm McDonald explains his work. Of the 300,000 sweaters made annually, only 25% are made for Hawick Knitwear. Digby hopes Benny Hartop and Arthur Rennie are in favor of growing the Hawick label.

Growing Chinese Middle Class (04:36)

Digby visits Hawick Knitwear's Edinburgh outlet. Exporting to China is important to Hawick's future; Benny is not convinced. Digby wants Benny to get a trainee for the milling man and improve the factory's outdated signs.

Digby and Benny Reflect (01:19)

Small businesses that find success in a niche market often do not see the need to risk expansion. Benny is concerned about how long it will take to see results after investing in the Chinese market. Hawick Knitwear is conservative and finds change difficult.

Speed Networking China (02:52)

Arthur meets with Chinese delegates to learn what buyers want. The value of textile exports from Scotland to China has tripled since 2000. Chinese consumers value brand and made in the UK is a phenomenon in China.

Dewar's Worldwide Brand (02:49)

The Scottish whiskey is available in 114 countries. The whiskey industry's $6 billion in export revenue is 10 times more than textile's. Branding makes a product desirable and persuades us to pay more.

Creating a Global Brand (02:41)

After viewing Dewar's promotional film, John Burke has Benny and Arthur think about what makes Hawick Knitwear unique.

Alger Advises Japanese Market (05:46)

Paul Ager helps Digby persuade Arthur to enter the Asian marketplace. Arthur presents his sweaters to Alger who recommends a slimmed down collection aimed at the Japanese market.

Rebranding and Mill Makeover (03:11)

Benny believes Hawick Knitwear needs to invest in Asian markets. The mill gets new signs and carpet, and a branding consultancy will create a new logo. Benny drives to Bolton to have a strategy meeting with shareholders.

Learning Milling (01:47)

Ali Colville gets a lesson on making the Hawick Knitwear sweaters machine washable from Malcolm McDonald.

Digby's Appeal Fails (04:07)

The Hawick Knitwear shareholders are not in favor of a Far East expansion. Digby is concerned at the company's lack of willingness to take action.

Choosing Japan's Celtic Collection (03:37)

Benny decides to move forward with the Japanese market despite shareholder reservations. Arthur works with Hawick Knitwear designers to select sweaters with a strong brand identity. Arthur takes his Celtic collection to Ireland to test buyer interest.

Factory Improvements Impress Digby (03:08)

Digby is pleased with upgrades and the new milling man. He reminds designers to focus on heritage values of Hawick when choosing sweaters for Japan's Celtic collection.

Final Meeting with Digby (02:57)

Benny offers benchmarks towards investing in Asian markets. Digby believes Hawick Knitwear needs to set higher goals. He reiterates that brand exploitation is critical.

Hawick Expansion? (01:42)

Arthur appreciates Digby's outside perspective. Hawick Knitwear is cautious, having watched other businesses fail. Benny plans to take Digby's advice and expand to the Asian market.

Credits: Hawick Knitwear (00:38)

Credits: Hawick Knitwear

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Lord Digby Jones meets with Hawick Knitwear's Benny Hartop and Arthur Rennie to help them form a plan to compete in the global market. Hawick, Scotland is known for quality knitwear dating back to the 1700s. Jones counsels Hartop and Rennie on growing the Hawick brand and expanding to the Asian market. They begin slowly with factory improvements, and with some hesitation Hartop and Rennie get a small collection of sweaters together for promotion in the Japanese market. A BBC Production.

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