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Representative Musical: "The Mikado" (02:30)


At the turn of the century, music was changing in a time of change. An excerpt from "The Mikado" is included. It is the start of a trend that combined exploration of the East, and the journey into the psyche.

"Madame Butterfly" (06:22)

With his effective dramatic style and supreme talent for melody, Puccini created 'realistic' theater such as "Madame Butterfly." An excerpt is included.

Claude Debussy's "La Mer" (07:43)

East came West for the Paris Exhibition in 1889. It was there that Claude Debussy first heard the Javanese gamelan. An excerpt from "Syrinx" is included. "La Mer" is Debussy's impression of the sea.

Gustav Mahler: Culture of the East (04:11)

Gustav Mahler was attracted to the culture of the East. An excerpt from his "Das Lied von der Erde" is performed by Leonard Bernstein and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Arnold Schoenberg's "Transfigured Night" (06:50)

Arnold Schoenberg became the leader of a school that "turned music inside out." One of his early works, "Transfigured Night," portrayed in music a tormented love affair. An excerpt is included.

Tonality and Atonality (00:55)

Richard Wagner’s prelude to "Tristan und Isolde" demonstrates complexity in harmony. His music is based on tonality. A pianist demonstrates the sounds of tonality and atonality.

Alvin Berg's "String Quartet" (05:46)

Schoenberg's disciple Alvin Berg followed him into atonal compositions. His "String Quartet," written in 1910, is the first piece he wrote independent of his master. An excerpt is included.

Richard Strauss: "Til Eulenspiegel" (03:11)

Richard Strauss's "Symphonic Poems" became part of the international concert repertoire as soon as they were written. An excerpt from "Til Eulenspiegel" is included.

Richard Strauss: "Salome" (05:18)

Later in life, Strauss reacted against his conventional approach. "Salome" provoked a sensational reaction in 1905. An excerpt from "Salome" is included.

Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 10 (13:37)

Gustav Mahler was principle conductor at The Vienna State Opera House for ten years. He always felt he was an outsider--a Jew in a key position in anti-Semitic Viennese society. An excerpt from Symphony No. 10 is included.

Credits: The Turn of the Century (01:15)

Credits: The Turn of the Century

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The Turn of the Century

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As we move into the 20th century, music is in transition from Romanticism to Modernism, from self-expression to Realism—or to the attempt to escape from reality to bygone eras. Performers include James Galway and the Vienna Philharmonic under Bernstein, Böhm, and von Karajan. Contents include excerpts from: Puccini’s Madama Butterfly; Debussy’s Syrinx, La Mer; Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde; Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht; Wagner’s Prelude to Tristan und Isolde; Berg’s String Quartet; Richard Strauss’ Til Eulenspiegel, Salome; Mahler’s Symphony No. 10. (58 minutes)

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