Titles in this Series

Vibrations and Pagan Rites

Item #: 715

The First Secular Music

Item #: 716

The Renaissance

Item #: 717

The Golden Age

Item #: 718

Luther and the Reformation

Item #: 719

The Advent of Fashion

Item #: 720

The Seasons and the Symphony

Item #: 721


Item #: 722

The Revolutionary

Item #: 723

The Romantics

Item #: 724

Nationalism and Revolution

Item #: 725

Land of Our Fathers

Item #: 726

The Mighty Fistful

Item #: 727

The Turn of the Century

Item #: 728

War and Peace

Item #: 729

Today and Tomorrow

Item #: 730

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From pre-Gregorian to postmodern, this series covers the major periods, styles, forms, composers, and works in the entire span of Western music with superb performances and authoritative narration. Ever unhurried, viewers are permitted to relish entire compositions and generous excerpts from representative period music performed by world-acclaimed artists, orchestras, conductors, operas, and ballet companies around the world. James Galway is the series host. 16-part series, 58–61 minutes each.

Item#: BVL714

ISBN: 978-0-7365-6342-0

Reviews & Awards

“The series is timeless, and it is an outstanding resource for music history, humanities, and music appreciation courses at the secondary and university levels.”—Music Educators Journal


“Masterfully orchestrated, these productions will be relished in public libraries, community interest groups, and schools.”—Booklist


“The series makes phonograph records as antiquated as the Model T, for here music comes dramatically alive through the visualization of stunning performances augmented by appropriate and incisive background commentary and visuals... The programs artfully tease the listener to want to hear more. That kind of motivation is the root of music appreciation.”—Charles Fowler, Musical America


“No other series helps me teach the historical aspect of Music Appreciation as well." —Priscilla Hearn, Music Instructor, Hutchinson Community College

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