Segments in this Video

Violence Demands a Response (01:13)


In America, more black men are in prison than in college and the bullet is the leading cause of death. Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1 teaches teaches male teenagers about their history and culture.

Too Much Violence (02:41)

Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1 explains his name. He reflects on the need for a safe haven and discusses being shot in the face. (Graphic language)

Organization for Young Men (03:24)

Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1 explains the rites of passage purpose and the adults' roles in the Underground Railroad. Young men learn history, culture, and meditation.

Afrocentric Perspective (02:46)

Underground Railroad leaders discuss the organization's importance. Dr. Kelsey andHa2Tim M.A.C.K-1 leads groups of people in libation rituals.

A Blueprint for Living (02:05)

A young man discusses his involvement with the Underground Railroad. Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1 discusses instilling discipline, order, and respect in the group.

Afrocentric Destiny (01:31)

Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1 discusses the rock ritual and keeping is son on the proper path.

A Personal Journey to Power (02:22)

Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1's grandfather is his role model. Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1 discusses learning how to become a man, understanding his history, and developing his spirituality.

Setting an Example (02:18)

Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1provides a positive environment for young black men to better themselves and their communities.

Sankofa March (02:31)

Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1 and his team lead young men in a ritual to help them better understand and honor their African heritage.

A Broader Focus (02:50)

The Underground Railroad provides a new focus to help young men handle their anger. The group discusses the influence of education and money. See them participate in several activities.

Loss of a Brother (04:00)

Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1 learns that a young Underground Railroad member was killed; see portions of the funeral. Members reflect on the meaning of the young man's death.

Million Man March (02:54)

Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1 joins in the Million Man March and discusses its purpose. Underground Railroad members participate in the rock ritual.

Credits: The Underground Railroad: Searching for Roots (01:36)

Credits: The Underground Railroad: Searching for Roots

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The Underground Railroad: Searching for Roots

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This program profiles the Underground Railroad, an Afrocentric Rites of Passage program for young black males in Columbus, Ohio. The organization’s co-founder, Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1—a former victim of violence—canvasses the streets and recruits young men to work with him to break the cycle of violence within the community. We see members of the Underground Railroad confronting the experiences of their slave ancestors in a rite called the Sankofa March. The rite encourages youths to cherish their own survival by paying homage to the contributions of their ancestors. Following Ha2Tim to the Million Man March held in 1995 in Washington, D.C., we see a growing commitment on the part of African-American men to take responsibility for their communities. (33 minutes)

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