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Carlos Saura: Childhood (03:27)


In a 1976 interview for Spanish TV, Joaquin Soler Serrano interviews Spanish film director and photographer from Aragon, Carlos Saura. They discuss references to Saura's childhood in "Peppermint Frappe" and familiar characters in "La caza." Saura notes the terrors of childhood, and specially during and after the Spanish Civil War.

Carlos Saura: Personal Experiences (04:23)

Carlos Saura recalls his precarious childhood in Republican centers during and after the Spanish Civil War. The school bombing in his film "La prima Angelica" is based on his personal experience in Barcelona.

Carlos Saura: The Mature Filmmaker (03:12)

Saura notes that "Peppermint Frappe" is special to him as he married the actress, Geraldine Chaplin, rather than as the beginning of his mature style. He notes as Geraldine's acting career took off, he has to travel to be with her.

Carlos Saura: Photographer (03:27)

Carlos Saura takes photos to archive visual memories. He recalls his first camera and his first childhood sweetheart. Photography was his livelihood for awhile.

Carlos Saura: From Photographer to Filmmaker (04:44)

Saura chose to study film on the recommendation of his artist brother. He discusses his early film "Los golfos" that was filmed in the street, like a documentary on juvenile delinquency. Saura talks about his many influences.

Carlos Saura: Censorship (02:07)

Saura discusses the different style of his second film, "Lament for a Bandit" that required more production and attention to aesthetics. He notes extreme censorship cut large portions of the film and prevented him from making the films he wanted.

Carlos Saura: "La caza" (03:06)

After the difficulties of producing "Lament for a Bandit," a co-production with France and Italy, his film "La caza" was a small film with 4 actors, a psychological thriller that he wrote and filmed on his own.

Carlos Saura: Producer Elias Querejeta (02:53)

Saura's association with producer Elias Querejeta allowed Saura to have aesthetic control over his following films. "Peppermint Frappe" is dedicated to Luis Bunuel with its combination of realism and symbolism and its mysterious drummer of Calanda.

Carlos Saura: "Honeycomb" (02:55)

Saura reacts to his critics. Saura's 1969 film "La madriguera," or "Honeycomb" in English, was based on a book by Rafael Azcona who collaborated with Geraldine and Carlos on the film script.

Carlos Saura: Violent Deaths (04:56)

Saura responds to observations of violent death in his films. He discusses his multi-leveled film, "El jardin de las delicias," based on a true story and its relation to H.Bosch's similarly named painting.

Carlos Saura: "Raise Ravens" (04:09)

Saura discusses themes concerning the Spanish Civil War in his films, specially in "La caza" and "La prima Angelica." The host asks about Saura's book that explains his latest film, "Cria cuervos," or in English "Raise Ravens." Censorship delayed the film, so the book came out first.

Carlos Saura: Future Projects (03:22)

Saura plans to continue with his obessions and with greater introspection. He favors his own nest to a social life. The host notes the formal language in his films and they discuss this aspect.

Carlos Saura: On Charlie Chaplin (03:06)

Saura describes his father-in-law, Charlie Chaplin, and their relationship without a common language. Saura claims it is difficult to make a name for yourself in Spain.

Credits: Carlos Saura (00:30)

Credits: Carlos Saura

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In a 1976 interview for Spanish television, Spanish filmmaker and photographer, Carlos Saura, talks to Joaquin Soler Serrano about his films that reflect the anxiety provoked by the Spanish Civil War, and censorship in its aftermath. His films often deal with the terrors experienced in childhood, and like his mentor, Luis Bunuel, blends reality with the macabre and subjective imagination. He is married to the actress Geraldine Chaplin who starred in many of his films. With his host, Saura discusses his films and difficulties of filmmaking in Spain. In Spanish

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