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Introduction: Miguel Delibes (03:35)


In a 1976 interview, Joaquin Soler Serrano talks with Spanish novelist, journalist and newspaper editor Miguel Delibes. Delibes explains his french last name.

Delibes' Youth and Early Career (04:12)

Delibes talks about his parents, siblings and studies in Valladolid. He began his newspaper career as a caricaturist, but soon became a journalist, and then a novelist. Delibes notes his early obsession with death.

Existential Realism in Delibes' Work (02:48)

Miguel Delibes talks about his first novel, "The Cypress Casts a Long Shadow," for which he received the Premio Nadal and his novel "El Camino." Serrano notes the existentialist and realist themes of the work.

Delibes' Literary Themes (02:49)

Delibes discusses his obsession with certain themes. He notes the basic frustration of the individual, alleviated by moments of gaiety, as in "Diario de un cazador," and his own pessimism.

Diario de un emigrante (03:02)

Delibes discusses his novel written about his encounters, self-reflection and comparison to his character Lorenzo, as he traveled through South America. He makes his own cigarette.

Social Change Through Literature (04:22)

Miguel Delibes reflects on life in the Provinces. His characters are mostly of humble origin. He talks about the French and Russian revolutions, and how literature can effect social change.

Spanish Civil War (04:41)

Delibes discusses the psychological damage of the Spanish Civil War. He has been criticized for his restraint, and explains he doesn't want to contribute to post-war anger. Delibes enlisted as volunteer in the Navy of the nationalist forces in 1938 .

Delibes' Love of Nature (03:50)

Delibes talks about hunting with his father. He tells a story told to him by a Holocaust survivor. He created a reserve in the Cantabrian Mountains of Burgos that is his refuge.

Evolution of the Spanish Language (03:45)

When Delibes was elected to the Royal Spanish Academy in 1973, he declared himself a human rather than an academic; he will collaborate in correcting errors in the dictionary. Delibes also noted the changes in modern Castellano that are not found in the dictionary of the Academy.

Credits: Miguel Delibes (00:30)

Credits: Miguel Delibes

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In this 1973 interview for Spanish television, author and journalist, Miguel Delibes, talks about his early life and career. He discusses the origin of his french surname, the social realism and existentialist themes in his novels, and his obsession with death. He was awarded the Premio Nadal for his first novel, "The Cypress Casts a Long Shadow," as well as criticism for "The Road." In 1973, Delibes was elected to the Royal Spanish Academy, and is recognized for his restraint when confronting the psychological damage of the Spanish Civil War. His novels above all show the common humanity of his characters and lthe possibility to effect social change through literature. In Spanish

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