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The Great Levelling

Item #: 75358

Enemy of the State

Item #: 75359

The Cost of Free

Item #: 75360

Homo Interneticus?

Item #: 75361

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The Virtual Revolution

The Series Includes : The Great Levelling | Enemy of the State | The Cost of Free | Homo Interneticus?
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3-Year Streaming Price: $679.80



The World Wide Web is transforming everything from how we learn to how we shop, vote and make friends. For better or for worse, how is the digital revolution reshaping all our lives? The series brings together everyone who’s anyone on the web - from its inventor Tim Berners-Lee to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates and Al Gore. Through stories of how the web is being used and abused today, this series explores the revolutionary benefits and uncovers the hidden costs of the web’s culture of global, instant and free information. An Open University Production.

Length: 240 minutes

Item#: BVL75357

ISBN: 978-1-60057-754-3

Copyright date: ©2010

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