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Male Gender Messages (05:19)


Messages about men and women bombard the viewing audience. Men are portrayed as fearless and tough while women are depicted as weak and submissive.

Female Gender Messages (04:25)

Women are portrayed as submissive and willing to be satisfied with husband and family alone. Men often depict women as vixens with no brains who live to satisfy and serve men.

Male-Female Relationships (02:38)

Male and female differences are exaggerated, yet the characters are put together in fantastical stories in the media. It is the antithetical nature of men and women that also binds them together.

News and Documentaries (05:10)

News programs and documentaries are primarily in the hands of white males. Women are assigned subordinate roles. Men are the decision makers, yet they are incomplete without their women.

Gender Stereotypes (03:14)

Many people share the view of men and women as shown in the media. There are generational differences in views of men and women. It is not only media that perpetuates stereotypes.

Societal Influences (03:28)

From the moment of birth, people are fed on other people's beliefs. People learn men's and women's roles from parents, schools, friends, the media, and work. Swedish media shows a balanced view.

Chinese Media (02:20)

Chinese media reflects a Chinese culture that encourages women to take typical male roles such as soldiering and technical and industrial work. Children's books show strong, decisive women.

Historical Differences (03:32)

Towards the end of WWII, magazine covers portrayed dynamic women at work for the war effort. Women face some discrimination in the workplace and stresses in their personal lives.

Changing Roles for Women (03:20)

Many women find the daily routine of tending house and family unsatisfying. Women strive for equal pay for equal work. Media both responds to, and trains, its audiences.

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This program explores the history of sexual stereotypes as presented in the media. Film clips, television advertisements and sitcoms, and so-called documentaries from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s show men as domineering masters, and women as their doting subordinates. As a classroom teaching tool, the program encourages discussions regarding the media’s continuing role in reinforcing sexual stereotypes, as well as the ongoing sexual biases that nurture them. (35 minutes)

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