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Work Invades Life (01:19)


People used to go to work and have the rest of the day for personal life, but the internet and telecommuting threaten this separation.

School-Life Balance (00:50)

Work-life conflict starts early; teens have high stress levels.

Women in Workforce (02:31)

The U.S. ranks poorly in work-life balance. Mothers are often the main breadwinners or are single. Personal life can disrupt work, too.

Stress (02:02)

Spillover from work to family and personal life, and vice versa, increases stress.

Diet and Exercise (02:41)

Daily exercise reduces stress by pumping endorphins and shedding tensions. Stress causes food cravings, metabolic slowing and weight gain.

Take Control (03:01)

Take responsibility rather than letting stressful situations control your life. Draw a firm line between work and personal life, manage time and delegate tasks.

Control Response to Stress (01:30)

Understand and individually identify and address sources of stress; otherwise, you will lump them together and feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Organizational Skills (02:17)

Disorganized life increases stress. There are many organizational systems available.

Clutter (02:33)

Clutter, on a computer or in physical space, creates anxiety. Telecommuters have a special challenge organizing work and personal lives. A calendar helps.

Time Management (02:15)

Modern communication technology threatens boundaries, increasing interruptions and hurting performance. Set aside blocks of time.

Efficient Communication (00:60)

File away non-urgent e-mails. Use clear subject-lines, and keep e-mails to one subject. Make sure meetings you schedule do not waste time.

Saying No (00:60)

To balance your life, you must be willing to say "no;" you have your limits.

Maintaining Focus (04:00)

With all the demands on you, focus on a single task is difficult but crucial. Minimize distractions. Focus on the most important or urgent tasks.

Summary: Work-Life Balance (02:14)

Modern technology blurs work-life boundaries, creating stress. Take control of decisions. Identify and address stress factors individually. Develop organizational skills.

Credits: Work-Life Balance: Success and Happiness in an Always-Connected World (00:37)

Credits: Work-Life Balance: Success and Happiness in an Always-Connected World

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Not so long ago, people used to go to school or work, then had the rest of the day to enjoy their personal lives. But in today’s always-connected world, work life and home life are blending. This video looks at the phenomenon with an eye for keeping a proper balance that leads to happiness, health and success both at home and at work. It presents strategies for coping with stress, taking responsibility, being organized, managing time and maintaining focus with interviews with experts, professionals, seasoned telecommuters and students. A co-production of Films for the Humanities & Sciences and MotionMasters.

Length: 31 minutes

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