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Fairness Research (01:12)


At a TEDTalk, Frans de Waal shows footage of an experiment purporting to show monkeys find economic inequality unfair.

Inequality (01:31)

Economists discuss what economic inequality is, how to measure it, and its increase since the late-1970s.

Causes of Inequality (01:19)

Globalization and technology have cost us low-skilled jobs, creating inequality between the low and high skilled. Some see government failure.

Whether to Combat Inequality (02:08)

An economist argues that helping the poor, not cutting the income gap, matters. Another counters that the wealth of the top 1% hurts others; they debate the point.

Credits: WE THE ECONOMY: Monkey Business- What Are the causes of Inequality? (00:35)

Credits: WE THE ECONOMY: Monkey Business- What Are the causes of Inequality?

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WE THE ECONOMY: Monkey Business—What Are the causes of Inequality?

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This lecture launcher directed by Shola Lynch explores today's income inequality and features economists from across the political spectrum discussing root causes of the increasing income gap, and primate experiments on understandings of fairness. Part of WE THE ECONOMY, a series of short films developed by renowned filmmakers and a panel of top economic experts. Viewable/printable instructor’s guides are available.

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