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Sting: Early Years (02:44)


See Sting perform on stage. Learn about the musical icon's childhood.

Deepak Chopra: Early Years (02:40)

Learn about the holistic health guru's path to his current career.

Sally Field: Early Years (02:25)

The actress learned her love of acting from her mother. After her parent's divorce, she lost contact with her father's side of the family.

Sting: British Citizen (02:20)

Learn a brief history of the British Empire. Sting discusses the importance of the shipyards in his hometown.

Richard Kellett Halfnight Sumner (02:35)

Sting's great-grandfather was injured in the shipyard at age thirteen. Sting's great-great-grandfather was killed at sea.

George and Mary Sumner (03:16)

Sting's third great-grandparents migrated to Australia after being forced out of work.

Chopra: Family Success (02:54)

Chopra's parents were successful in India and England. Chopra's father was a physician and officer during WWII.

Viceroy (03:07)

Following his service in the war, Chopra's father obtained a scholarship to study cardiology in Scotland.

Field: Canadian Ancestry (02:22)

Field learns about her long line of British Canadian ancestors. Her fifth great-grandparents, Ralph and Anne Morden, were part of the American Revolution.

Tories Ancestry (03:11)

Ralph Morden was executed in Pennsylvania for treason. His wife Anne fled to Canada where she became a landowner.

Sting: Irish Roots (02:38)

Sting learns about his family's hardships during the potato famine.

Potato Famine (02:02)

Sting learns that his third great-grandmother lived in a poor house.

Sagar Chand and Kesari Chopra (03:56)

After India gained its independence from Britain, Chopra's grandparents escaped to New Delhi. Learn about partition in India.

Pilgrimage (02:21)

Chopra remembers visiting the river Ganges. He learns the name of his 6th great-grandfather.

Field: Puritans (02:12)

Field learns that her tenth great-grandfather was a puritan.

William Bradford (02:14)

Field's tenth great-grandfather fled to America on the Mayflower.

Plymouth Rock (02:34)

Field learns that her tenth great-grandfather was governor of Plymouth Colony for 36 years; he presided over the first Thanksgiving.

DNA Analysis (02:10)

Chopra learns he has ancestors from the Middle East and India. Sting descends from Vikings. Field learns that she has some Native American ancestry.

Nationality (01:50)

Chopra, Field, and Sting reflect on their connections to Britain.

Credits: The British Invasion: Finding Your Roots, Season 2 (00:30)

Credits: The British Invasion: Finding Your Roots, Season 2

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The British Invasion (Finding Your Roots, Season 2)

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Sally Field discovers that she descends from William Bradford, who arrived on the Mayflower and helped his fellow English Puritans establish their new lives in colonial America and later discovers that her ancestors sided with the British crown during our nation’s War of Independence and paid the ultimate price. Deepak Chopra’s family made a similar gamble while living under harsh British colonial rule in India, where his grandparents pledged their loyalty to the British in hopes of achieving a higher place in society. Later, his father chose to fight alongside British soldiers during World War II. Sting’s story goes back centuries in England where we find that being close to the seat of Empire doesn't mean that life is any better for those who fueled Great Britain’s world dominance during the Pax Britannica by building its merchant ships and working in its coal mines.

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