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Tom Colicchio: Early Years (02:30)


Colicchio explains how he first fell in love with food. Learn about his childhood and how he got started in the restaurant business.

Ming Tsai: Early Years (01:47)

Tsai shares his experiences growing up as the child of Chinese immigrants. The family stayed connected to China through food.

Aaron Sanchez: Early Years (03:18)

The award winning chef and Food Network star learned to cook from his mother. She left Mexico for New York City and opened a restaurant.

Sanchez: Zarela Martinez (02:11)

Sanchez's mother shares her connection to the ranch where she was raised.

Sanchez: Immigration (04:15)

Sanchez learns that his family originally came to the U.S. to avoid the Mexican Revolution. His great-great-grandfather eventually returned to Mexico.

Sanchez: Birds of Passage (03:29)

Colicchio learns how and when his ancestors came to America. Immigrants often made trips back and forth between their homeland and America.

Sanchez: Arriving in the U.S. (03:33)

Colicchio's great-grandfather fought in WWI. On his fourth trip to the U.S., he brought his family.

Tsai: Grandparents (03:01)

Tsai's grandparents shared their love of food, but not their experiences in China. Tsai learns of the hardships that his grandparents lived through.

Tsai: Civil War (03:54)

Tsai's grandfather, in fear of his life, fled China when the communist government gained control.

Colicchio: Vallata, Italy (02:35)

Learn why this small mountain town was a difficult place to live.

Colicchio: Vito Marino (02:08)

Colicchio's third great-uncle was arrested and executed for being a bandit. An earthquake demolished most of Vallata.

Sanchez: Hilario Gabilondo Guridi (03:43)

Sanchez's third great-grandfather was a commander in the Mexican army.

Sanchez: Guridi (03:05)

Sanchez learns that his Mexican ancestor was actually born in Spain.

Tsai: Cultural Shrines (02:41)

Tsai learns that his family tree survived the communist destruction, confirming the lineage in an existing family book.

Tsai: Huang Di (02:10)

Tsai learns that his family line leads back over one hundred generations to one of the original five emperors of China.

DNA Analysis (02:00)

Colicchio views his complete family tree. Tsai and Colicchio's DNA tests match the information found in their family trees.

Sanchez: DNA Analysis (03:17)

Sanchez learns that he has Native American roots.

Credits: The Melting Pot: Finding Your Roots, Season 2 (00:30)

Credits: The Melting Pot: Finding Your Roots, Season 2

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The Melting Pot: Finding Your Roots, Season 2

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Three celebrity chefs who cook the food of their ancestors discover family members who have shaped their lives — and America’s cuisine. Tom Colicchio of “Top Chef” learns the hardships his family endured (famine, bandits) living in a tiny town in Northern Italy and celebrates the courage of his original immigrant ancestor, a man who crossed the Atlantic many times to bring the Colicchios to the United States; Ming Tsai, the child of immigrants who fled Mao’s Cultural Revolution, was raised to believe that his that his family’s Chinese past was obliterated by the Communists — instead, he finds that his roots can be traced back more than 2,000 years, yielding a large family tree; and Aaron Sanchez discovers that his family’s treasured Mexican roots include people who were Spaniards, Africans and Native Americans.

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