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Ben Affleck: Unknown Roots (02:10)


Affleck traces the roots of his social consciousness to his mother. (Credits)

Ben Jealous: Activist (02:07)

The youngest ever president of the NAACP has been advocating for change since college.

Khandi Alexander: Early Years (02:01)

Alexander's parents moved out of the south during the civil rights movement.

Christine Anne Boldt (03:34)

Ben Affleck learns that his mother was very active in the Civil Rights movement during the 1960s.

Almon Bruce French (03:55)

Affleck's third great grandfather wrote about spiritualism and conducted séances to help those who lost loved ones during Civil War. (Graphic images)

Joshua Pinckney Masters (03:41)

Alexander's family faced discrimination in the Deep South. She learns about the life and death of her grandfather, whom she never met.

Jim Crow Era (02:54)

Alexander's relatives report that the death of her grandfather was not an accident. She views pictures of her great-grandparents.

Slavery (02:09)

Alexander learns that her third great-grandfather was a white man and the master of her third great-grandmother.

Peter G. Morgan (02:16)

Jealous learns that his ancestor was a shoemaker who bought his own freedom.

Slave Owner (03:00)

Peter G. Morgan bought his wife and children as slaves rather than taking the risk of freeing them.

Emancipation (02:21)

Jealous reads the paperwork that freed Morgan's family one year before the end of the civil war.

Jesse Stanley (04:28)

Affleck's sixth great-grandfather volunteered in the patriot army during the revolutionary war.

Family Racism (02:42)

Jealous' father lost contact with his family because he married a black woman.

American Revolution (01:59)

Eight of Jealous' ancestors served in the Revolutionary War, including his sixth great-grandfather who served at the age of 16.

White Ancestors (01:59)

Alexander's fourth great-grandfather volunteered to fight in the American Revolution and owned 85 slaves.

Founding Fathers (02:11)

After fighting for their freedom, most of the founding fathers owned slaves.

Ben Affleck: Family Tree (02:04)

Affleck views his completed family tree. He learns that he and Matt Damon are tenth cousins.

Ben Jealous: DNA Analysis (02:33)

Jealous learns the percentage of his ancestry.

Khandi Alexander: DNA Analysis (02:16)

Alexander learns the percentage of her ancestry. Her African ancestors came from Nigeria.

Credits: Roots of Freedom: Finding Your Roots, Season 2 (00:30)

Credits: Roots of Freedom: Finding Your Roots, Season 2

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Three guests’ families have long been engaged in the battle for freedom and civil rights, but they had no idea that those principles were passed down through generations of ancestors. Ben Affleck’s mother was a Freedom Rider in 1964 and her roots include the 19th-century spiritualist Almon French, who attempted to heal the bereaved masses in the aftermath of the Civil War. NAACP president Ben Jealous learns the heroic story of his great-grandfather Peter G. Morgan, a free black man who was forced to purchase his own wife and family in order to keep them safe. Actress Khandi Alexander, who never knew who her grandfather was, learns that he may have been murdered in the Jim Crow-era South.

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