Segments in this Video

Nepal-China Border (01:57)


The frontier between Nepal and China, on the Tibetan plateau, is restricted. Foreign Correspondent wants to provide one refugee a view of his homeland.

Upper Mustang (02:31)

Some people see Upper Mustang as the last true outpost of Tibetan culture. Meet a refugee who plays the three-stringed Tibetan lute; Tenzin Choegyal once played for the Dalai Lama.

Road Through Plateau (02:10)

Until recently, the only way through the plateau was on horseback. Some worry that a new road across Mustang will bring Chinese influence.

Tourism Restrictions (01:51)

China sealed the Tibetan border, devastating the Upper Mustang trade route economy. Nepal restricts tourism into Upper Mustang due to sensitivities.

Difficult Terrain (01:22)

Trekkers have to abandon their vehicles and walk; others ride horses.

Refugees (01:15)

Tibetan refugee Tenzin Choegyal went to school in India and moved to Australia.

Upper Mustang Refugees (03:21)

Tibetan refugees preserved their culture in Upper Mustang. Isolation brings poverty; transportation is improving.

Lo Kingdom (01:41)

Mustang was formerly the Tibetan kingdom of Lo. In Tsarang, many still identify with the kingdom. Consider the balance between tradition and modernity.

Seeing Homeland (01:34)

A group of trekkers reaches Lo Manthang; Tibet lies just over the ridge. A refugee talks about being denied entrance.

Lo Manthang (02:34)

People preserve Tibetan culture and live much as in medieval times. A King still lives in the palace; Nepal's government took away his power in 2008.

Musical Performance (02:03)

Choegyal plays for a Lo Manthang audience, including the local royal family.

Trekking Difficulties (02:54)

The Jeep gets stuck while crossing a river near the Nepal-China border; riders push it back and try again.

Choegyal's Homeland (02:57)

Choegyal sees Tibet, but cannot cross the Nepal-China border; China has fences and surveillance cameras on the other side.

Credits: Nepal: The Road (00:35)

Credits: Nepal: The Road

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Tibet is out of reach for refugees, who can only dream of return. Musician Tenzin Choegyal has the very vaguest recollections of Tibet, as he was spirited out by his mother and father as a young boy. But he's determined to see it once again, across the Nepal-China border. He must pass through remote, difficult terrain, including the remote Upper Mustang, where Tibetan culture is still preserved. Along an ancient trade route a major, transformative road is being built up to the Tibetan border. Some hope for modernization and an end to isolation. We consider the tension between modernity and preserving ancient culture.

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