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Intro to Rice, Salmon and Beef (03:03)


Jimmy asks why food prices have increased so much and orients viewers to the upcoming program.

Rice Industry (03:25)

Jimmy asks consumers about the rising cost of rice. He visits India, the worlds biggest exporter of rice. Productivity has more than doubled thanks to new plant strains.

Government Subsidized Rice (02:09)

Jimmy visits Delhi to understand why the price of rice is so high despite its abundant supply. He visits a shop were poor shoppers pay less than market price.

Man Made Rice Crisis (03:13)

A shortfall in the Indian wheat harvest forced the government to buy more rice. Exports were banned. The global price went up 200%. A stockpile ensures rice is kept in the country.

Effects of Food S14:39overeignty (03:27)

Food crops and politics are closely related. India, China, and Thailand store rice in case of emergency. Mass migration is causing labor shortages and raising prices.

GMO Rice Strains (02:55)

In the future, Africa might provide the world's rice supplies. Scientists in Ghana are looking for a solution to the demand for rice.

Fuel, Fertilizer, and Food (02:27)

Shoppers have noticed the rising price of beef. The cost of raising cows has also increased.

Fuel Reliant Modern Farming (02:55)

A family farmer talks about the global factors that are driving up the price of raising cattle for beef.

Global Demand for Beef (02:08)

A farmer describes how the price of fertilizer impacts cost of raising cattle. Prices are not expected to go down.

Dodge City (02:01)

America is one of the most efficient producers of beef in the world. The animals grow more quickly than those in Europe thanks to growth hormones.

Rising Fuel Prices (02:37)

Chicago was built on the beef industry. A restaurant owner talks about the rising cost of beef.

Biological Adaption of Military Experience (02:42)

A new approach to raising cattle is being tried in Colorado. It could reduce reliance on fuel, fertilizer, and feed while reducing the cost of beef.

Fish Farms (02:46)

Salmon was once a luxury. Jimmy talks to consumers about rising prices. Oceans have been exploited. The aquaculture industry supplies 50% of the world's fish.

Farmed Fish (04:00)

The growth of Scottish fish farms is staggering. Salmon are vulnerable to disease, which raises the cost of fish. A lack of regulation in Chile led to financial disaster.

Indoor Aquaculture (03:05)

A new way of fish farming could greatly reduce the risk of disease by eliminating outside interference.

Future of Aqua Culture (03:23)

The costs of indoor fish farms will be passed on to consumers. Salmon is one of the most efficient sources of protein to produce.

Summary (01:24)

People have stopped thinking about where food comes from, which has had a negative impact on prices.

Credits: Rice, Salmon and Beef: Jimmy and the Food Price Hike (00:45)

Credits: Rice, Salmon and Beef: Jimmy and the Food Price Hike

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In this revelatory series farmer Jimmy Doherty travels the globe to find out why the price of our food is spiraling out of control. Focusing on one meal in each episode—breakfast, lunch and dinner—Jimmy uncovers why staple ingredients we take for granted are increasing and why the era of cheap food may be over for good. This episode focuses on dinner.

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