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Intro: Wheat, Port, and Chocolate (02:57)


Some food prices are going up while products are shrinking in size. Jimmy orients viewers to the upcoming program.

Favorite Lunch Meat (02:46)

Jimmy asks consumers about the rising cost of pork. Taiwan is an indicator of what is to come in China.

Pork Dishes (02:36)

Jimmy goes to an outdoor food market in Taiwan. Attitudes towards meat have recently changed in Asia because people have more money to spend on food.

Growing Demand for Meat (03:14)

The new middle class in China is eating more protein. Pork consumption has more than doubled in Taiwan since the 1970s.

Global Price of Soy (02:49)

China and Taiwan have started buying huge quantities of animal feed from all over the world. Feed represents 60% of the cost of raising a pig.

Future of Pork Consumption (03:03)

Pig farmers in the UK have lost money to competitors from other countries whose practices are not held to the same high standards. Asian consumers will pay top dollar.

Rising Price of Wheat (02:03)

Jimmy asks consumers about the cost of bread. Bad weather in Britain had a disastrous effect on crops.

Drought in the Bread Basket (04:01)

Bad weather is not the only reason for rising bread prices. Jimmy visits what fields in the U.S. to learn why some farms are not producing despite efficiency in farming practices.

Arab Spring (03:18)

Australia, Russia, and the U.S. have all experienced terrible harvests because of drought. The price of wheat keeps rising. Food, weather, and politics are interconnected.

Ogallala Aquifer (03:54)

This underground resource will dry out in 25 years if drained at its current rate. Dust storms cover what was once good farm land. Cities require vast amounts of water to function.

Cocoa Prices (02:54)

Chocolate has been an affordable indulgence. Competition is intense. In order to keep prices low companies have lowered the standard size of candy bars.

Supply and Demand (03:44)

Jimmy visit Ghana to find out what is pushing the price of cocoa up. The country is exporting to expanding economies. Farmers are leaving the industry.

Unstable Commodity (04:14)

Unpredictable weather and man-made calamities have affected cocoa production. An analyst describes trading in futures. Billions have been made speculating on the price of food.

Future of Cocoa (04:24)

Cocoa farmers in Ghana are losing money even as prices rise. Global demand is not enough incentive for farmers to enter the market.

Summary and Next On... (01:59)

Changing climate and financial markets will continue to impact food prices. Learn what foods will be discussed on the next episode.

Credits: Wheat, Pork, and Chocolate: Jimmy and the Food Price Hike (00:46)

Credits: Wheat, Pork, and Chocolate: Jimmy and the Food Price Hike

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Wheat, Pork, and Chocolate: Jimmy and the Food Price Hike

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In this revelatory series farmer Jimmy Doherty travels the globe to find out why the price of our food is spiraling out of control. Focusing on one meal in each episode—breakfast, lunch and dinner—Jimmy uncovers why staple ingredients we take for granted are increasing and why the era of cheap food may be over for good. This episode looks at the cost of our lunch.

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