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Cold Fear: Gay Life in Russia: Introduction (01:35)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of homosexuality in Russia with excerpts from the film.

Non-Acceptance (01:54)

Russia legalized homosexuality 20 years ago but there has been a rise in homophobic violence. Timor, head of Parents of Russia, discusses traditional families.

Intimidation Tactics (03:12)

Timor and Dimitry plan to disrupt a gay film festival. A new recruit hands out "gifts." Parents of Russia members harass two women and express their opinions about homosexuality.

Gay Film Festival (02:15)

At a key point in the festival, police arrive after receiving an anonymous tip about an explosive device. Timor applauds the hoax and discusses homosexual intolerance.

Climate of Fear (03:19)

Some Russians view gay people as prey. See groups attack homosexual men. A victim of a gay community center attack describes the violence. (Graphic images and nudity)

Homosexual Prejudice (02:57)

Learn about the Propaganda Law regarding nontraditional relationships. The Russian Church enforces the belief that there is a direct link between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Linking Homosexuality with Pedophilia (01:20)

A gay man shares his feelings about being accused of pedophilia and discusses the authorities' repetitive reinforcement of homophobic attitudes.

Vigilante Groups (02:41)

A human rights activist discusses increasing attacks against gays and lesbians in Russia and government response. See video footage of men being abused. (Graphic images)

Occupy Pedophilia (02:44)

Members of the largest active vigilante network in Russia use the Internet to bait gay men; the group denies targeting gays.

"Safari" (04:05)

Members of a Russian vigilante network lure a gay man to a flat. The group restrains their victim and begins asking questions. (Graphic language)

"Safari" Interview (03:48)

Members of Occupy Pedophilia interrogate and humiliate their victim; catching everything on camera. (Graphic language)

Demonstration (03:47)

Members of the gay community fight against the Propaganda Law by conducting single person pickets. The police respond with support from passersby. Kiril explains problems with the police.

No Gay Hate Crimes in Russia (00:55)

An Orthodox Christian man pickets and abortion clinic; he once shot a gay man in the face with a non-lethal weapon.

Dimitry's Assault Trial (03:44)

A gay man recalls being attacked. Timor films outside the courthouse. Dimitry meets with lawyers to discuss his case; lawyers argue that the photographic evidence was forged.

Gay Community Under Siege (03:01)

Not all straight Russians support homophobic attitudes. Katerina, a teacher, campaigns for gay rights; her job is at stake.

"Parents of Russia" (02:05)

Timor promotes the firing of teachers who promote tolerance. He photographs and reports the activities of anyone who supports gay rights; he actively pursues Katerina.

Fear of Russian Authorities (02:42)

The climate of hate against homosexuals is all pervasive in Russia. A gay couple discusses the fear of coming out and linking pedophilia to homosexuality.

Families at Stake (02:02)

Parliament members are taking steps to strengthen the existing Propaganda Law and to create a law allowing the removal of children from same sex families.

Credits: Cold Fear: Gay Life in Russia (00:30)

Credits: Cold Fear: Gay Life in Russia

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This brutally honest film exposes what it’s really like to be gay in Russia. It is thought only one per cent of gay people dare to live completely openly in Russia. This film gained unique access to the vigilante gangs that target gay men and women. In one disturbing scene anti-gay activists gather together on a Sunday and go on ‘safari’. Their prey: homosexuals. The abusers are proud of what they do and fear no reprisals from the state. Gay men and women in Russia say new legislation and intolerance in Russia has led to a ‘hunting season’ and they are the hunted. The film contains shocking scenes yet it treats all contributors with dignity and refuses to offer a simplistic solution to complex social tensions. This video contains subject matter which may not be appropriate for all audiences.

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