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Business Ethics (01:52)


Learn the definition of business ethics. Ethics help set the boundaries of moral behavior.

Global Business Issues (02:41)

An expert explains the importance of setting guidelines for business ethics and discusses imperialism. Ethical traditions and laws differ among countries.

Social Change (02:40)

An expert discusses opportunities to create equality and fair access in the business world.

Inequality (01:47)

An expert discusses issues faced by workers in different countries. Religion and culture are often barriers to equality.

Ethics of Varying Standards (01:40)

An expert gives specific examples of inequality in manufacturing. She addresses child labor, overtime, and outsourcing.

Corporate Responsibility to Community (03:06)

An expert discusses sharing, the importance of setting guidelines, and social consequences.

Providing Leadership in Business Ethics (01:12)

An expert comments on corporate responsibility at a personal level.

Developing Business Ethics (04:26)

Experts discuss how to train future business leaders and corporate ethics policies; religion and education systems have a role to play.

Characteristics of Ethical Leaders (01:34)

An expert describes how ethics starts at an individual level.

Credits: Business Ethics: Global Business (00:03)

Credits: Business Ethics: Global Business

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Business Ethics: Global Business

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Business Ethics: Global Business uses a Q&A format to teach the basics of business ethics in a global economy. Topics include ethics of varying standards, providing leadership, and corporate responsibility to communities. 

Length: 22 minutes

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