Segments in this Video

German Economy (03:43)


An expert describes Germany's role in the European Union and the rest of the world. He shares data on population, the GDP, and the automotive industry.

Public Conduct and Greetings (02:25)

An expert describes appropriate conduct for doing business in Germany. She discusses the importance of formal titles.

Business Language (00:56)

An expert discusses German business language. Most people speak the official language; many young people also speak English.

Business Attire (00:34)

Formal attire is the standard when conducting business in Germany.

Business Protocol (02:04)

An expert describes appropriate topics for conversation when doing business in Germany. Personal information should not be discussed. Alcohol can be used in moderation.

Communication Style (00:54)

An expert describes how to say "no" when conducting business in Germany. People are direct and polite.

Business Conversation (01:31)

An expert gives examples of good topics of conversation as well as topics that should be avoided.

Negotiation Process (02:16)

An expert describes how to build credibility while conducting business in Germany.

Decision Making (01:38)

An expert describes how government organizations differ from private business in Germany.

Business Entertainment (00:56)

Germans are family oriented. Learn how this affects when and where business is conducted.

Business Protocols (02:36)

An expert describes how to behave at a social event within a business context. Punctuality and manners are important.

Business Tips (01:28)

An expert summarizes the most important things to remember when conducting business in Germany.

Credits: Business Culture: Germany-Global Business (00:36)

Credits: Business Culture: Germany-Global Business

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Business Culture: Germany—Global Business

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Business Culture: Germany uses a Q&A format to teach the basics of doing business in Germany. Understanding cultural differences is key to participating in the global economy. Topics include language, attire, and etiquette. 

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