Segments in this Video

Updating "Rite of Spring" (02:06)


Brigitte Kramer and Yuri Fateev discuss Sasha Waltz's abstract version of Nijinsky's ballet. (Credits)

Recreating "Rite of Spring" (02:07)

Bob Lockyer and Valery Gergiev discuss Stravinsky's score and recent attempts to stage the ballet based on Diaghilev's notes from 1913.

Russian-French Ballet Collaboration (01:52)

Marius Petipa worked in St. Petersburg in the mid-19th century. View the opening sequence from La Bayadère.

Early Dance Films (01:48)

View footage of "Serpentine Dance" in 1896 and "La Sylphide" in 1903.

Isadora Duncan (01:26)

View footage of the modern dance pioneer in 1920. Odile Pyros performs in 1971.

"Brahms Waltzes" (01:05)

View Tamara Rojo performing Frederick Ashton's solo, inspired by Isadora Duncan in 2004.

Dance Films (01:07)

Learn the importance of trust in choreography-film collaborations.

Ballet Evolution (01:29)

View Tamara Karsavina performing exercises in 1920. Experts discuss how dancers became more athletic during the 20th century.

Anna Pavlova (03:16)

Visit the ballerina's former London home and view her "Dying Swan" solo filmed in 1924. Natalia Makarova performs the solo in 1964, and Olga Moiseyeva in 1972.

German Modern Dance (01:48)

View Mary Wigman performing "Hexentanz" in 1926. Hanya Holm describes her decision to go into musical comedy.

Broadway Influence (02:12)

Learn how show films brought new excitement to dance. Fred Astaire's performances were made for the camera.

Preserving Russian Ballet Films (03:20)

Gergiev recalls Soviet dance TV programs. View "Moszkowski Waltz" from 1940 and Maya Plisetskaya performing "Black Swan" in 1947.

"Red Shoes" (02:18)

Experts discuss how Hollywood dance films inspired young people to pursue ballet.

"The Royal Wedding" (01:30)

Learn how film choreographers used cameras to enhance dance. Hermes Pan recalls working with Fred Astaire on the hat rack number.

Dance Film Techniques (03:14)

Fred Astaire showed his full body during scenes—creating a more realistic dance picture. Galina Ulanova demonstrates dramatic dance in "Fountain of Bakhshiserai."

"Appalachian Spring" (01:07)

View Martha Graham performing in 1958.

Male Ballet Dancers (02:25)

Experts talk about how it's become more acceptable for men to dance. View Rudolf Nureyev performing "Le Corsaire" in 1958 and 1963.

Dance Partnerships (01:36)

Learn how Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn revolutionized 20th century ballet. View them performing "Les Sylphides."

"The Lesson" (01:39)

Learn how Flemming Flindt made a ballet for television based on the play in 1963.

"Red Wine in Green Glasses" (01:37)

View Birgit Cullberg's ballet produced for television and using a blue screen in 1967.

"Spartacus" (01:47)

View a clip of the Bolshoi Ballet performing Grigorovich's work in 1968.

"Etude" (01:18)

View Harald Lander's ballet performed in 1969.

Merce Cunningham (01:38)

Learn how the choreographer separated music from movement and revolutionized dance as an art form. View him performing "Branches" from 1976.

"Revelations" (02:19)

"Dance in America" brought choreography to TV audiences. Alvin Ailey discusses his work based on the African American experience.

Dance for the Screen (01:46)

Leslie Canon discusses Broadway's influence on ballet. View "Aske, Skodde, Stov for vinden," choreographed for film.

Cinematic Choreography (01:12)

Margaret Williams discusses dance designed for the camera. View "Cross Channel" by Lea Anderson.

"Outside In" (01:58)

View a BBC dance film collaboration between choreographer Victoria Marks and director Margaret Williams that incorporates disabled dancers.

"The Little Museum of Velazquez" (01:24)

Canadian dance company LaLaLa Human Steps performs Édouard Lock's piece from 1994.

Updating "Swan Lake" (02:14)

Matthew Bourne reflects on adapting ballets for camera and describes his vision for the cygnet dance. View his contemporary version of "Swan Lake."

"Enter Achilles" (01:32)

View the BBC version of Lloyd Newson's dance theater piece, filmed in a pub in 1996.

"The Judas Tree" (01:47)

View Kenneth MacMillan's work choreographed for the Royal Ballet in 1997.

"Alley of the Cosmonauts" (01:30)

Learn how Sasha Waltz conducted social research in East Berlin for her 1999 dance film piece.

"Cursive II" (02:41)

Choreographers must translate the human aspect of dance to film. Lin Hwai-min trains his dancers in meditation, martial arts, and calligraphy, view his 2005 work.

"Jeune Homme et la Mort" (01:59)

Classical ballet, contemporary dance, and Broadway styles are merging. View Roland Petit's 2005 work.

"Blush" (01:20)

View Wim Vandekeybus' 2005 film dance work.

"Car-men" (01:25)

Choreography for film often can't be reproduced on stage. View Jíri Kylían's 2006 work.

"Diamonds" (01:46)

View Balanchine's work performed by the Paris Opera Ballet that reinterprets Tchaikovsky's score.

"Membros Cia. de Danca" (01:44)

Lockyer discusses how hip hop dance has translated to the stage. View a favela based Brazilian company perform in an urban setting in 2008.

"Zero Degrees" (01:36)

Akram Khan and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui are choreographers from immigrant European backgrounds. They express spirituality and foreignness in 2008.

"Bolero" (01:15)

Filmed dance can offer viewers depth. View Maurice Bejart's 2008 work.

Tecktonik (01:47)

The Paris dance group incorporates hip hop and electro styles. View a street performance in 2008.

"The Neighbor" (00:53)

Choreographer Jo Strømgren and composer Leif Andsnes collaborated on a film piece in 2009.

"Passion" (02:34)

Alain Platel and Brigitte Kramer discuss their dance film based on the Passion of Christ. View a clip of the 2010 work.

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (01:59)

Dance films choose where the audience focuses. View Christopher Wheeldon's 2011 work using digital effects.

"One Man Walking" (02:08)

View Jonzi D's 2011 dance film exploring gender relations. Williams discusses using dancers with acting skills.

"Pina" (03:01)

View Wim Wenders' 2011 dance film using 3-D effects, and Pina Bausch's "Rite of Spring."

"Romeo and Juliet" (01:44)

Gergiev discusses the relationship between conductors, composers, and dancers. View Leonid Lavrovsky's 2013 version of "Romeo and Juliet."

Art of Dance Films (01:27)

Directors reflect on using cameras to create new works. View "Mahler Three" by John Neumeier.

Film Training Technique (00:53)

Learn how studio cameras help dancers to perfect choreography.

Credits: Dance on Screen (01:16)

Credits: Dance on Screen

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Using archive footage, this film explores the relationship between dance and the camera and how they grew up together. The range goes from an 1896 “Danse serpentine” to a live cinema of Mahler 3 in 2013 while choreographers and dancers comment on what film and television means to them. TV producer Bob Lockyer and dance critic Clement Crisp present and comment on some of the most fascinating footage you will ever see. (91 minutes)

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