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Komatsu 930E (01:02)


A 320 ton capacity mining truck extracts metals from Nevada's Hycroft Mine.

Mining Truck Raw Materials (01:17)

Chromium, mineral oil, latex rubber, sulfuric acid, and coal are key components of the Komatsu 930E model.

Charcoal Production (01:09)

Learn how the demand for burned wood products depleted 18th century British forests.

Iron Molecular Structure (01:28)

Iron worker Abraham Darby discovered coal as an alternative to charcoal. Learn how carbon strengthens iron products.

Cheap Iron (01:13)

Raw coal has sulfur molecules that make iron products too brittle. Learn how Darby experimented with baking coal to remove impurities.

Steel Production (01:30)

In 1856, Henry Bessemer perfected a strong, flexible iron alloy. Learn the modern steel manufacturing process.

Steel Frame Assembly (02:36)

Learn the submerged arc welding process. The 30 ton Komatsu 930E body is rotated to provide welders with flat surfaces.

Welding Quality Control (01:48)

Learn how ultrasonic technology is used to detect welding weaknesses on the Komatsu 930E frame.

Mining Truck Frame Finishing (01:39)

Learn how the blasting process works to remove imperfections before painting.

Rubber Molecular Structure (02:04)

Charles Goodyear hoped to capitalize on latex, a raw material discovered in trees. Learn how long atom chains create flexibility.

Vulcanization Process (01:23)

Rubber deteriorates in heat. Learn how Goodyear accidentally discovered how to strengthen it with sulfur.

Komatsu 930E Tires (03:47)

Learn mixing, layering, and molding processes. Michelin's rubber compounds are proprietary, but carbon black improves latex durability.

Chromium Discoveries (02:55)

Mining truck tires require strong suspension pistons. Learn how electroplating works and how chromium oxide protects steel from corroding.

Suspension Piston Production (03:11)

Learn grinding and electroplating processes. Chromium is essential for protection against wear.

Suspension Piston Assembly (03:09)

Learn the Komatsu 930E strut assembly and testing processes.

Kerosene Discovery (02:02)

Mining truck brakes require a cooling agent. Learn how 19th century whale depletion led to the development of a petroleum alternative to blubber oil.

Mineral Oil Discovery (02:03)

During the 19th century oil boom, J.D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company researched ways to use kerosene byproducts—developing an industrial lubricant.

Mineral Oil Production (01:13)

Learn the process of fractional distillation, and why viscosity is important for the Komatsu 930E's brake system.

Wet Brake Assembly (03:39)

Learn the assembly and testing processes for the Komatsu 930E's brake system.

Electrolyte Discoveries (02:14)

Mining truck engines require powerful batteries. Early scientists found that salt ions conduct electricity. Gaston Planté used sulfuric acid for his lead acid battery.

Komatsu 930E Engine (01:49)

Sulfuric acid is a petroleum byproduct used in batteries. Learn why a hybrid diesel electric motor is appropriate for a Mack truck.

Engine Testing (03:43)

Learn how the Komatsu 930E battery and motor are pre-assembled in the factory for testing.

Komatsu 930E Distribution (02:00)

Fully assembled mining trucks are too big to travel. Learn how components are shipped and assembled on site—a two week project.

Komatsu 930E Raw Material Summary (01:47)

Learn how sulfuric acid batteries, latex rubber tires, chromium plated suspension, mineral oil brake fluid, and a coal strengthened frame contribute to the final product.

Credits: Mack Truck: Raw to Ready (01:04)

Credits: Mack Truck: Raw to Ready

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To extract precious metals found beneath the earth requires a massive 232-ton, two-story-tall dump truck with a load capacity of 320 tons — a giant earth-mover like the Komatsu 930E. This amazing engineering achievement is made possible by five essential raw ingredients: coal, chromium, mineral oil, latex rubber and sulfuric acid, an electron superhighway that generates massive power.

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