Segments in this Video

Regenerating a City: Glasgow Introduction (01:03)


Glasgow's center is booming; the city attracts 3 million visitors per year. This film will explore its development story.

Glasgow Industries (02:11)

A tour bus guide points out historic architecture. Learn how trade and ship building helped the city prosper in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Glasgow's Decline (01:25)

In the 1970s, globalization closed heavy industries—causing urban decay. The city needed to manage abandoned riverside property, improve social housing, and find a new direction.

Rebranding Glasgow (02:03)

Learn how the city began investing in cultural infrastructure, such as the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, to attract tourists in the 1980s and 1990s.

Glasgow Shopping (01:16)

Learn how the city attracted new businesses by marketing itself as a retail center.

Glasgow Architecture (02:31)

Former riverside industry sites were transformed into museums and conference centers. Revitalization attracts new businesses and residents.

Glasgow Housing Crisis (03:20)

In the 1950s, high rises were built to ease density in tenement neighborhoods. Projects became run down during the industrial decline and crime increased.

Gorbals Housing Regeneration (02:21)

Glasgow planners used mixed building types and designs to revitalize neighborhoods. Learn how residents participate in community development.

Gorbals Community Revitalization (01:42)

Learn how Glasgow has improved rundown neighborhoods. Private developers are investing in housing.

Glasgow Harbor Housing Regeneration (01:22)

Only three ship yards remain on the river. Learn about residential waterfront development plans.

Glasgow Harbor Revitalization (02:57)

Mixed income apartments promote sustainability. Developers invest in parks and transport links. Glasgow regeneration will continue responding to changing economics.

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Regenerating a City: The Re-branding of Glasgow

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Explore the redevelopment and re-branding of Scotland's largest city, Glasgow. Once a declining city suffering from the death of its ship building industry, it is now considered the UK's second shopping destination and one of the best tourism destinations in Europe. This program features interviews with architects, developers, local residents and civic leaders. It explores the causes and effects of urban decline and the strategies used for urban renewal and the creation of sustainable communities.

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