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Tewkesbury Flood (03:23)


View news footage of the 2007 flooding in the U.K. 800 homes and businesses were affected; the Crumps family recalls surveying damage to their property.

Infrastructure Impacts (02:47)

Tewkesbury floods damaged service facilities, including a water treatment plant supplying 1,000 customers. Repairs and alternative supplies cost millions of pounds.

Tewksbury Insurance Rates (00:60)

Flooding has increased premiums and residents have trouble selling their homes.

Tewksbury Flood: Human Causes (02:32)

The village's location at the confluence of two rivers has been good for farming, but settlements have been developed in areas of flood risk.

Building on a Flood Plain (01:43)

Visit a Tewksbury home in danger of flooding. Learn why development increases run off and contributes to flood risk.

Pluvial Flooding (02:29)

Learn why Tewksbury housing built on a flood plain increases flood risk. Impermeable surfaces and poorly maintained drainage systems contributed to the 2007 floods.

Tewksbury Flood: Physical Causes (02:23)

Learn how river catchment size affects fluvial floods after heavy rain.

Tewksbury Flood Conditions (02:31)

The Severn and Avon catchments feature permeable farmland. Learn infiltration rate factors and how antecedent rainfall contributed to the 2007 floods.

Long Term Measures (03:45)

Permanent flood defenses are expensive and can impact other areas on the river. A cost-benefit analysis helped Upton gain funding for a system.

Selective Flood Protection (01:53)

Tewksbury floods are too infrequent for permanent defenses, but a new wall shields the water treatment plant.

Reducing Runoff (01:48)

New developments on the Tewksbury flood plain are required to reduce flood impact. Measures include floodwater storage, permeable surfaces, and ponds.

Reducing Impacts: Short Term Measures (02:51)

A Tewksbury couple shares "soft engineering" strategies for flood management—including tiling, flood gates, and movable furniture.

Flood Warning System (03:55)

Catchment gauges provide rainfall and river level information; technology allows environmental officers to issue Tewksbury community alerts.

Credits: Flooding in the UK (00:35)

Credits: Flooding in the UK

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We have seen an increase in extreme weather and flooding in recent years and nowhere more so than in the UK. But are these freak weather events or a disasters waiting to happen? Explore the physical and human causes of flooding with this resource that looks in detail at runoff, infiltration rates and the factors affecting storm hydrographs. First hand accounts from residents and businesses affected by flooding bring home the immediate and long-term economic, social and environmental impacts. The program also considers the sustainability of a variety of hard and soft management strategies.

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