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What is Role Playing? (02:53)


Games revolve around the game master, who determines what the players will do throughout the game. Visit the home of Richard Garriott, one of the pioneers of online gaming.

The First Computerized Games (02:52)

First games were written in BASIC on an Apple II computer. The Ultima series deals with ethical issues and was one of the first successful role playing games written for computers.

The New Media of Expression: Virtual Worlds (04:24)

Ultima Online, or UO, allows players from around the world to interact with one another. Everquest also brings people together for a shared experience.

Who Plays Video Games? (02:20)

People of all ages from all over the world play online games, sometimes meeting in person to share their experiences. The games become a melting pot of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Using Online Games to Make Friends (01:56)

A couple shares their experience and enjoyment playing Everquest. They feel it gives them someone to talk to 24 hours per day.

Age, Race, and Gender in Online Gaming (04:21)

Players find that age matters little, cultural differences are hard to overcome, and discovering sex of one's opponents is important. Surprisingly, many male players play female characters.

The Typical Character (02:07)

Characters are referred to as Avatars. During the games, there are many opportunities to interact with other characters and have experiences one might not in real life.

The Online Addiction (05:17)

A theologian discusses downside of playing online games. Games can become all-consuming to the point of near addiction. Game producers agree, and that is one of their marketing tools.

The Psychology of Internet Addiction (02:45)

There a many similarities between fantasy game addiction or abuse and substance abuse. Internet experiences can alter brain chemistry, especially during stimulating episodes.

James and Liz Revisited (02:11)

Negative effects of playing online games for too many hours include loss of relationships, jobs, and the time spent online for which there is no material gain at the end of the game.

Are Online Games Too Violent? (03:09)

Although studies of the effects of violent games are inconclusive, the argument is made that positive effects, such as willingness to accept challenges can result from these games.

What is the Market Capacity? (03:27)

Each online game needs approximately 100,000 players to break even. Issues include how many online games market can handle and whether players will keep multiple accounts.

The Next Level: Star Wars (02:29)

With its huge fan base, Star Wars as an online game could have significant impact on number of people playing. Fans would be able to play characters and visit places familiar to them.

Virtual Coming of Age (06:20)

Video games are a 20 billion dollars per year industry worldwide. Can the video game industry surpass television and movies? Some think it will due to the interactive nature of online games.

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As online gaming companies position themselves to tap an entertainment market that is projected to explode, researchers question the safety of deeply immersive virtual worlds. In this program, MIT psychologist and sociologist Sherry Turkle; David Greenfield, author of Virtual Addiction; Richard Garriott, creator of Ultima Online; Brad McQuaid, co-creator of EverQuest; representatives of Sony Online Entertainment and Mythic Entertainment; Janet Murray, author of Hamlet on the Holodeck; and many others tackle some big questions: What makes these games so compelling? Are they clinically addictive? And do they promote violence? Additional topics include player demographics, the profit potential of the online gaming industry, and the future of TV in the era of interactive entertainment. (52 minutes)

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