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Richard III: Opening Credits (02:39)


Richard III: Opening Credits

Richard III: Character Introductions, Part I (03:17)

Here, we meet the main characters and learn their crimes and fates: King Edward IV of England, who has deposed the recently murdered Henry VI; his brothers, George and Richard; Edward's wife, Elizabeth; and other members of the court.

Richard III: Character Introductions, Part II (01:27)

We meet the late Henry IV's widow, Margaret; the Duchess of York, mother to Edward, George of Clarence, and Richard; Lady Anne Neville, Edward of Westminster's widow; the heirs to the throne; and the Woodvilles.

Richard III: "The Winter of Our Discontent" (03:11)

Act I, sc. i: Richard delivers a speech about his brother's accession to the throne, revealing his secret envy, ambition, and hatred of peaceful times.

Richard III: Plot Against Clarence (04:08)

Act I, sc. i: Richard confesses his plot to set Clarence and King Edward against each other by feeding Edward a false prophecy about his murder. Richard earns Clarence's trust by blaming the Queen and secretly promises to kill him.

Richard III: The King is Sick (01:50)

Act I, sc. i: Lord Hastings arrives after his release from imprisonment and tells Richard that the King is ill. Richard plans to further convince the King of Clarence's threat so that he will stand to inherit the throne after Edward's death.

Richard III: Richard Seeks Out Lady Anne (02:54)

Act I, sc. ii: Richard decides to marry Lady Anne, though he murdered her husband and his father. Anne grieves over her slain husband.

Richard III: Anne Vows Revenge on Richard (03:15)

Act I, sc. ii: Anne and Richard face off over Edward of Westminster's corpse. Richard toys with her, claiming Edward IV was the true murderer, and then accepting blame, himself.

Richard III: Richard's False Reason for Murder (02:17)

Act I, sc. ii: Richard tells Anne it was his love for her that made him kill her husband. He flatters her in order to win her over, but Anne resists and spits in his face.

Richard III: Richard Woos Anne (02:27)

Act I, sc. ii: Richard switches tacticts and tries to earn Anne's sympathy. He asks her to kill him if she wishes revenge, but she refuses his offer of a weapon.

Richard III: Anne Forgives Richard (02:52)

Act I, sc. ii: Richard tells Anne she must kill him or marry him. He convinces her to wear hs ring and asks her to leave Edward of Westminster's corpse with him for burying. Anne believes his repentance.

Richard III: Richard's Newfound Confidence (03:43)

Act I, sc. ii: Richard applauds himself for persuading Anne and vows to do away with her once she's fulfilled her purpose in his plans.

Richard III: Tension Between Richard & the Queen (06:07)

Act I, sc. iii: Elizabeth worries over Edward IV's poor health. Richard blames her for Clarence's imprisonment. Elizabeth threatens to tell the King that Richard has antagonized her, but he doesn't fear her. He fuels fire among rival court members.

Richard III: Margaret Curses Elizabeth (03:20)

Act I, sc. iii: Just as Elizabeth claims she dislikes being queen, Margaret, the dead king's widow, enters. She is unafraid of the threats on her life and wishes the same fate for Elizabeth as she received when her husband was murdered.

Richard III: Margret Issues Warning (05:21)

Act I, sc. iii: Margaret reminds members of the court of their crimes and wishes them ill fates, reserving special wrath for Richard. She warns Buckingham about Richard.

Richard III: Richard Orders Clarence's Death (03:03)

Act I, sc. iii: The King calls a meeting with the nobles. Richard explains how he has set the Queen's allies against the King and Clarence. He dispatches executioners to kill Clarence.

Richard III: Clarence's Dream (05:30)

Act I, sc. iv: Locked in the tower, Clarence tells his keeper of a vivid, violent dream wherein Richard betrayed him, he fell to the depths of the sea, and then was tortured in the afterlife.

Richard III: Clarence Under the Lieutenant's Watch (03:18)

Act I, sc. iv: Clarence, burdened by a guilty conscience, begs the Lieutenant to stay with him as he falls asleep. The Lieutenant reflects on the fundamental similarity among men, regardless of status. He hands Clarence over to the executioners.

Richard III: Executioners With a Conscience (02:13)

Act I, sc. iv: The executioners hesitate to kill Clarence, debating the ethics of their orders.

Richard III: Clarence Debates the Executioners (03:24)

Act I, sc. iv: Clarence awakens and reasons with the hitmen, arguing that they have no right to kill under another man's orders. The men call him a hypocrite.

Richard III: Clarence's Final Plea (02:04)

Act I, sc. iv: Clarence tells the hitmen to find Richard, who he believes will pay them to keep him alive. They inform him that Richard was the one who ordered his murder.

Richard III: Clarence is Killed (02:04)

Act I, sc. iv: One executioner considers mercy, but the other stabs Clarence, calls the first a coward, and runs to find a hole for burying.

Richard III: Edward's Dying Wish (01:49)

Act II, sc. i: A sick King Edward IV gathers his wife's family and the established nobles and requests they make peace with each other.

Richard III: Richard Entreats Peace (01:43)

Act II, sc. i: Richard falsely asks for forgiveness from the nobles in front of the King.

Richard III: News of Clarence's Death (03:38)

Act II, sc. i: When the Queen calls for Clarence, Richard informs everyone of his death. The King reacts violently, asking why no one intervened to save Clarence.

Richard III: Death of the King (03:57)

Act II, sc. ii: When Edward dies, Buckingham calls for the accession of Edward's son. Elizabeth's relatives leave to bring him to the throne. Richard follows, plotting with Buckingham against them.

Richard III: News Reaches the People (03:25)

Act II, sc. iii: English citizens gather to gossip about the King's death and lament that their government will be run by a child.

Richard III: Queen in Danger (02:33)

Act II, sc. iv: The Queen and Duchess of York await the prince's arrival and learn that Richard and Buckingham have imprisoned Earl Rivers and Earl Grey. Elizabeth prepares to escape with her younger son, while the Duchess reflects on the horrors of familial war.

Richard III: Richard with the Prince (02:55)

Act III, sc. i: Richard and Buckhingham feed lies to the new prince, who learns of his mother's escape to sanctuary and sends for his brother.

Richard III: Princes Reunited (02:00)

Act III, sc. i: The young Duke of York arrives and mocks his uncle. With Richard's insistence, the brothers go to the Tower of London.

Richard III: Coronation Plot (02:32)

Act III, sc. i: RIchard and Buckingham ask Catesby whether or not Hastings will join in their plot against the Prince. Catesby goes to test Hastings's loyalty to the crown, and Richard plans what to do with the nobles when he becomes king.

RIchard III: A Warning for Hastings (03:18)

Act III, sc. ii: Lord Stanley sends a messenger to tell Hastings of a horrible dream he's had, but Hastings refuses his suggestion that they run away. Catesby tells Hastings the Queen's relatives are to be murdered and that Richard wants to be King, but Hastings says he won't betray the Prince.

Richard III: Hastings Bucks Superstition (02:06)

Act III, sc. ii: Lord Stanley comes to convince Hastings of the impending danger, but Hastings assures him their situation is secure. Buckingham arrives and together they go to the tower.

Richard III: Murder at Pomfret (01:04)

Act III, sc. iii: Richard's men murder the Queen's relatives, Rivers and Grey.

Richard III: Setting a Coronation Date (03:26)

Act III, sc. iv: The Lords meet to discuss the coronation and to debate Richard's character.

Richard III: Hastings' Fatal Punishment (03:56)

Act III, sc. iv: Richard tells the Lords he has been cursed by Elizabeth and demands his supporters to follow him. Hastings is the only one who remains, knowing he faces execution.

Richard III: Legitimizing Hastings' Treason (04:23)

Act III, sc. v: Ratcliffe brings Richard and Buckingham the head of Lord Hastings. They convince Lord Mayor that Hastings was treasonous.

Richard III: A Lie About Lineage (01:20)

Act III, sc. v: Richard devises a plan to persuade people that Edward IV was not a legitimate heir to the throne. Richard leaves to make sure the princes are kept hidden.

Richard III: Lord Mayor's Trepidation (01:03)

Act III, sc. vi: Lord Mayor agonizes over the false indictment of Hastings and predicts bad things to come.

Richard III: The People in Opposition (02:14)

Act III, sc. vii: Buckingham brings word from the citizens, who failed to honor Richard's claim to the throne, even after being told the princes were illegitimate.

Richard III: Pretense & Deceit Before Lord Mayor (03:27)

Act III, sc. vii: Richard and Buckingham stage a scenario wherein Buckingham pleads with Richard to take the crown.

Richard III: Long Live King Richard (04:02)

Act III, sc. vii: Richard feigns refusal of the crown in order to throw off suspicion, but then "unwillingly" accepts.

Richard III: News Reaches Anne & Elizabeth (04:09)

Act IV, sc. i: Anne and Elizabeth are turned away from the Tower, barred from seeing the princes. Stanley summons Anne to Westminster Abbey to wed Richard. Elizabeth urges her son, Dorset, to escape.

Richard III: Richard Doubts Buckingham (03:34)

Act IV, sc. ii: Richard tells Buckingham of his wishes to execute the Princes, but Buckingham hesitates to give consent. Richard calls for Tyrrell, an assassin.

Richard III: Richard Condemns Anne (01:28)

Act IV, sc. ii: Richard spreads the rumor that Anne is deathly ill so that he may marry Edward IV's daughter and secure his spot on the throne.

Richard III: An Order to Murder the Princes (01:20)

Act IV, sc. ii: Richard hires Tyrrell to kill the living heirs to the throne.

Richard III: Richard Disavows Buckingham (03:17)

Act IV, sc. ii: Buckingham makes up his mind to kill the boys in exchange for earldom, but Richard refuses his offer. Richard worries that Dorset has fled to the Earl of Richmond, who was once prophesied to be king.

Richard III: Princely Massacre (02:40)

Act IV, sc. iii: Tyrrell recounts the bloody murder of the two boys in detail.

Richard III: In Need of a Wife (01:22)

Act IV, sc. iii: Having killed Anne, Richard plans to marry the young Elizabeth. He sets out to punish the traitors who have fled his court: Buckingham and the Bishop of Ely.

Richard III: The Queens, Destroyed (04:03)

Act IV, sc. iv: Elizabeth grieves over her sons, while Queen Margaret plots vengeance on Richard. The Duchess of York counts her own loss and asks Margaret not to triumph in her misery.

Richard III: A Lesson in Curses (02:52)

Act IV, sc. iv: Margaret scolds Elizabeth for having enjoyed the spotlight as queen and points out that she has lost everything. Elizabeth begs Margaret to stay in England and teach her how to curse her enemies.

Richard III: The Duchess Denounces Richard (01:28)

Act IV, sc. iv: The Duchess curses her own son for his bloody deeds.

Richard III: Elizabeth's Daughter to Be Queen (04:51)

Act IV, sc. iv: Elizabeth threatens Richard not to hurt her daughter, at first unaware he wants to marry her. Elizabeth reminds him of all the crimes he's committed against her family.

Richard III: Entreating Elizabeth's Cooperation (04:08)

Act IV, sc. iv: Richard tempts Elizabeth with the power she'll gain as mother of the queen and tells her to convince her daughter. Elizabeths spars with him, unwilling to be quickly persuaded.

Richard III: Blackmailing Elizabeth (05:13)

Act IV, sc. iv: Richard searches for something to swear by, eventually promising further death and destruction until Elizabeth agrees.

Richard III: Anticipating Richmond's Attack (04:13)

Act IV, sc. iv: News reaches Richard that Richmond leads a fleet of ships, ready to attack and take the throne. Richard holds Stanley's son as collaterol while Stanley readies an army.

Richard III: Enemy Armies & Buckingham's Caputre (01:34)

Act IV, sc. iv: Richard learns that foreign armies, including Buckingham's, have dispersed. Richmond presses on.

Richard III: Stanley's Secret Communication (00:44)

Act IV, sc. v: Stanley wishes he could join Richmond's army but risks his son's life if he does.

Richard III: Buckingham's Execution (02:12)

Act V, sc. i: In prison, Buckingham regrets his history of betrayal and remembers Margaret's curse.

Richard III: Richmond Marches on Richard (01:18)

Act V, sc. ii: Richmond's army lands in central England with information about Richard's position, which Stanley secretly delivered.

Richard III: Stanley as a Double Agent (03:24)

Act V, sc. iii: Richmond sends for Stanley, while Richard sends a messenger to Stanley and orders guards to arm him in the middle of the night.

Richard III: Richmond's Secret Advantage (02:03)

Act V, sc. iii: Richmond and Stanley meet in the night, Stanley plotting to join him in the morning with his regiment. Richmond goes to bed, praying for victory.

Richard III: Richard's Haunted Sleep (04:08)

Act V, sc. iii: At night, Richard is visited by the ghosts of everyone he's killed. They curse him and wish him defeat in the next day's battle.

Richard III: Richard's Epiphany (03:49)

Act V, sc. iii: Richard awakens, tortured by his fear and self-hatred. He is suddenly overtaken by his conscience.

Richard III: No Pity for the Wicked (02:22)

Act V, sc. iii: Richard realizes no one will pity him if he dies. He tells Ratcliffe he's afraid. Together they go to spy on Richard's own troops in hopes of stopping traitors.

Richard III: Richmond's Wartime Inspiration (02:46)

Act V, sc. iii: Richmond awakens, having been blessed by the same ghosts who cursed Richard. He marches on, sure to be victorious.

Richard III: "Conscience is But a Word That Cowards Use" (03:04)

Act V, sc. iii: On a day without sun, Richard learns Stanley will not lend him his troops. He orders his men to march, regardless of what their consciences might tell them.

Richard III: "My Kingdom for a Horse" (03:35)

Act V, sc. iv-v: A wounded Catesby begs someone to deliver a horse to Richard, who is fighting with uncanny success. He and Richmond battle one-on-one until Richmond slays the king.

Richard III: A New King (02:07)

Act V, sc. v: The former Earl of Richmond is now Henry VII, King of England. He delivers an address to the public, wishing for peace.

Richard III: Curtain Call & Credits (04:14)

The audience applauds as the cast of "Richard III" takes their bows.

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