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Henry VI, House of York: Introduction (02:39)


Viewers see images from the War of the Roses plays by William Shakespeare. The characters in the play are introduced.

Henry VI, House of York: Plotters (01:43)

Act I, sc. i: York, Warwick, and others gather to discuss York's taking the throne. Warwick fully backs this move. York says he will make Warwick the second greatest man in the land. They all leave for London.

Henry VI, House of Lancaster (Part 2): Rebel Leader Cade (03:52)

Act IV, sc. ii: Blackheath. The rebel Jack Cade announces his lineage, making him heir to the throne. Under his rule, he will kill everyone who can read and support only the workmen. Food and drink will be free.

Henry VI, House of Lancaster (Part 2): Cade's Arrogance (03:52)

Act IV, sc. ii: Stafford and his brother confront Cade and his followers and call them traitors. Cade calls on the common people to follow him. He does not fear the lines of Stafford's soldiers. He claims his army is better organized.

Henry VI, House of Lancaster (Part 2): Cade Murders the Staffords (01:50)

Act IV, sc. iii: Cade's rebel soldiers attack Stafford and his brother. Both are slain. Cade leads his men off to London.

Henry VI, House of Lancaster (Part 2): News of Cade's Plans (01:22)

Act IV, sc. iv: The Palace. King Henry finds his wife Margaret mourning Suffolk's death. A messenger arrives with news that Cade has declared himself Lord Mortimer and will crown himself in Westminster.

Henry VI, House of Lancaster (Part 2): (01:06)

Act IV, sc. ix: Kenilworth Castle. The King receives news that York is on his way from Ireland with a powerful army. He sends Buckingham to talk to York and sends Somerset to the Tower.

Henry VI, House of Lancaster (Part 2): Cade Takes London Bridge (00:40)

Act IV, sc. iv: Palace. A messenger tells Buckingham that Cade has reached London Bridge. Many of the commoners are joining with his rebel army.

Henry VI, House of Lancaster (Part 2): Cade's Appetite for Destruction (02:03)

Act IV, sc. vi & vii: Cade and his men celebrate taking London Bridge. Cade orders the burning of the bridge and the Tower, and destruction of the Inns of Court. Cade orders the death of a messenger.

Henry VI, House of Lancaster (Part 2): Murder of Lord Say (05:14)

Act IV, sc. vi: George Beavis and Lord Say arrive. Cade threatens them with death because they represent the "filth" that has corrupted the youth by erecting schools. The rebels behead Lord Say after he pleads for his life.

Henry VI, House of Lancaster (Part 2): King's Ambassadors Meet Cade (03:58)

Act IV, sc. viii: Buckingham and Clifford confront Cade as ambassadors of the King. They laud the King, and the rebels change loyalties--and change them back again to Cade. Buckingham offers 10,000 crowns for Cade's head.

Henry VI, House of York: York Takes the Throne (01:09)

Act I, sc. i: Parliament House. Noblemen including York, Norfolk, and Warwick urge York to claim the throne. He takes the throne.

Henry VI, House of York: York: Henry Resigns the Throne (07:01)

Act I, sc. i: King Henry and his loyal noblemen set York on the throne. York defends his royal lineage. King Henry defends his lineage. York refuses to relinquish the throne. King Henry resigns the throne to York on condition that he can rule for the rest of his life.

Henry VI, House of York: Queen Rebukes the King (03:48)

Act I, sc. i: Parliament House. Queen Margaret rebukes Henry for giving his throne away, thus disinheriting his son. Edward leaves his father.

Henry VI, House of York: York Revokes His Oath (03:29)

Act I, sc. ii: Sandal Castle. Richard and Edward ask their father about the royal lineage, which York says they shall receive when Henry dies. York becomes convinced that the oath is meaningless. He now wants to take the throne immediately.

Henry VI, (Part 2) House of Lancaster: Death of Old Clifford: (01:10)

Act V, sc. ii: Saint Albans. York fights with old Clifford and kills him.

Henry VI, House of Lancaster: Clifford's Swears Revenge (02:22)

Act V, sc. ii: Young Clifford discovers the body of his father. He swears revenge on York. He will have no pity of women, children, or virgins. He will kill them all, including York himself.

Henry VI, House of York: Death of Edmund (02:57)

Act I, sc. iii: Battlefield. Young Clifford revenges his father's death by killing Edmund, York's son. Clifford swears he will go after York himself.

Henry VI, House of York: Death of York (09:39)

Act I, sc. iv: Battlefield. York lies wounded. Clifford and Queen Margaret find him. They mock him and put a paper crown on him. York rails at Margaret, calling her a she-wolf. He grieves for his son. Clifford and Margaret stab him. She demands that he be beheaded. (Intermission)

Henry VI, House of York: News of York's Death (04:09)

Act II, sc. i: York's remaining two sons wonder where their father is. They see a vision of 3 suns. Each guesses what interpretation to put on the vision. A messenger tells the boys that their father is dead. He tells them Clifford and the Queen are the killers. The sons want vengeance.

Henry VI, House of York: The New Duke of York (02:32)

Act II, sc. i: Warwick arrives to tell about the battle he had with the Queen's forces. Warwick was forced to retreat. Edward assumes the title of Duke of York and prepares to ride to London.

Henry VI, House of York: Warwick Marches to York (01:55)

Act II, sc. ii: King Henry, Queen Margaret, and Clifford learn that Warwick is marching towards York with 30,000 men. The commoners proclaim the new Duke of York the king.

Henry VI, House of York: Edward Demands the Crown (02:17)

Act II, sc. ii: Edward confronts King Henry and demands the crown. The Queen won't let King Henry speak. Clifford says his blood lust is not yet satisfied. Edward is no longer willing to confer with Margaret.

Henry VI, House of York: Richard and Clifford Fight (02:27)

Act II, sc. iv: Richard confronts Clifford and threatens to kill him in payback for his dead father and brother. After a fight, Clifford runs. Richard vows to hunt him down.

Henry VI, House of York: King Henry's Regrets (04:04)

Act II, sc. v: King Henry sits on a hill, watching the battle. He contemplates his troubles and woes. He wishes he had been born a shepherd. He longs for that sweet life

Henry VI, House of York: Tragedy of War (02:52)

Act II, sc. v: A soldiers drags a body near King Henry. The soldier discovers he has killed his own father, who fought for the opposite side in the war. King Henry understands the terrible time when commoners die for their leaders' arrogance.

Henry VI, House of York: Senseless Killings (03:48)

Act II, sc. v: A father drags a body near to where King Henry sits. The father discovers that the man he has killed is his own son. Henry pities the senseless killings. He bemoans the fate of thousands who will die in a war between the red and white rose.

Henry VI, House of York: Time to Flee (00:44)

Act II, sc. v: The Queen, the Prince, and Exeter charge by the king, urging him to run, as all of his friends have already fled. The Queen yells that he should flee to Berwick. Henry asks Exeter to help him.

Henry VI, House of York: Clifford Mortally Wounded (01:48)

Act II, sc. vi: Clifford lies wounded. He regrets that he will no longer be able to support Henry. He wishes Henry had been a stronger king. Clifford faints.

Henry VI, House of York: (02:31)

Act II, sc. vi: Warwick, Richard, and others come upon Clifford, who groans and dies. Warwick orders that Clifford's head be put on the wall in place of York's head. Edward pronounces Richard the Duke of Gloucester.

Henry VI, House of York: King Edward and Lady Grey (03:31)

Act III, sc. ii: The Palace. Lady Grey and King Edward banter over her lost land. There is flirtation in and among their words. He wants Lady Grey for a lover. She refuses. Edward later remarks that she is fit for a king. She agrees to marry him.

Henry VI, House of York: Richard Contemplates the Throne (09:09)

Act III, sc. Richard has his eyes on the crown. He hopes Lady Grey will not have children. How will he cut off all the people who stand between him and the throne? If he doesn't get the crown, he imagines what else he can do.

Henry VI, House of York: Henry Arrested (03:30)

Act III, sc. i: A forest. Two games keepers overhear Henry speak and discover he is the deposed king. They are obligated to arrest him, and he agrees to it.

Henry VI, House of York: Negotiations in France (04:44)

Act III, sc. iii: France--the King's palace. Warwick asks the King of France if he will give his sister Bona to be King Edward's wife. Warwick assures Louis that Edward is installed as king and that he loves Bona. Margaret rebukes Warwick for his deceitfulness.

Henry VI, House of York: Warwick Turns on Edward (03:49)

Act III, sc. iii: King Louis learns that Edward has married Lady Grey. Warwick changes his allegiance and tells Margaret he will fight to put Henry back on the throne. Louis agrees to give soldiers to Warwick

Henry VI, House of York: Edward's Enemy: King Louis (05:46)

Act IV, sc. i: King Edward asks if Hastings and others approve of his bride. He learns that King Louis of France is now his enemy and that Warwick is dishonored and alienated. Edward prepares to fight Warwick (Intermission)

Henry VI, House of York: Edward's Arrest (02:37)

Act IV, sc. iii: Edward lies sleeping in his tent. Warwick, Clarence, and others attack. Warwick chides Edward for being an unfit king. He takes the crown and has him arrested. Warwick leaves to find Henry.

Henry VI, House of York: Edward's Queen at Risk (01:19)

Act IV, sc. iv: Lady Grey, now Queen Elizabeth, tells Rivers that Edward has been deposed. She is pregnant and wants to protect Edward's heir. She and Rivers flee before Warwick can find and kill them.

Henry VI, House of York: Henry's Agreement with Warwick (03:12)

Act IV, sc. vi: London--The Tower. Henry agrees to wear the crown, but he resigns his government to Warwick. He proclaims Warwick and Clarence Protectors of England. Henry asks that Margaret and his son return to England.

Henry VI, House of York: Fear of Edward (01:09)

Act IV, sc. iv: Warwick learns that Edward has escaped. Warwick and Somerset dread more wars. They agree to take young Henry of Richmond, the future king, and hide him from Edward.

Henry VI, House of York: Henry Arrested by Edward (02:48)

Act IV, sc. viii: Henry wonders why many of the people favor Edward over himself. Edward arrives and arrests Henry. Edward sends him to the Tower and prepares his men to meet Warwick in battle.

Henry VI, House of York: Edward Confronts Warwick (01:49)

Act V, sc. i: Coventry. Edward asks Warwick if he is with him. Warwick says Henry is his king. Edwards reveals that Henry is imprisoned.

Henry VI, House of York: Clarence Defies Warwick (03:07)

Act V, sc. i: Clarence defies Warwick and joins with Edward. Warwick challenges Edward to battle at Barnet.

Henry VI, House of York: Death of Warwick (03:01)

Act V, sc. ii & iii: Edward wounds Warwick. Warwick proclaims that all his wealth and property are as dust. All he has before he dies is his body alone. "Live we how we can, yet dies we must." Edward enjoys his victory. He learns that the queen has 30,000 prepared to go against him.

Henry VI, House of York: Margaret Inspires Her Soldiers (03:21)

Act V, sc. iv: Margaret tries to boost the spirits of the men who mourn Warwick. She proposes that Oxford, Prince Edward, and others can be as stalwart and help them keep their course. She gives them the courage to fight Edward and to rescue Henry.

Henry VI, House of York: Death of Prince Edward (02:32)

Act V, sc. v: Prince Edward is in the hands of King Edward. The Prince shows strength that his father never had. He calls them traitors to his father. Edward kills Prince Edward; Margaret begs them to kill her, too. Richard heads for the Tower.

Henry VI, House of York: Margaret's Grief (04:26)

Act V, sc. v. Margaret mourns for her dead son. She begs him to speak to her. She calls Edward and his brothers "butchers" for having slain a child. She begs Edward and Clarence to kill her. Margaret is forcibly removed. She curses them.

Henry VI, House of York: Death of Henry VI (06:58)

Act V, sc. vi: The Tower. Richard enters Henry's cell. Henry insults Richard. Richard stabs Henry, who asks God's forgiveness and pardons Richard. Richard defiles Henry's body. Richard says he will kill Clarence next.

Henry VI, House of York: King Edward's Triumph (02:37)

Act V, sc. viii: The Palace. King Edward, his queen, and their newborn son celebrate with Edward's supporters. Edward is perfectly satisfied with what he has achieved.

Credits: Henry VI, House of York (02:49)

Credits: Henry VI, House of York

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