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Henry V: Video Montage and Character Credits (02:26)


A video montage provides viewers an overview of Shakespearean drama, characters, and dramatic tone of the plays.

Henry V: Chorus (01:59)

Chorus: The audience is encouraged to use its imagination as it watches the play unfold.

Henry V: Threat to the Church (01:31)

Act I, sc. i: Canterbury and Ely discuss the danger to the Church if King Henry blocks a bill that would take authorize the government to take away a great deal of the church’s land and money.

Henry V: Archbishop's Strategy (01:24)

Act I, sc. i: The Archbishop proposes a political strategy that will distract the king from considering the bill to confiscate church property. He promises to raise a large amount of money to finance King Henry’s ambitions in France.

Henry V: Henry's Right to French Crown (06:49)

Act I, sc. ii: King Henry asks the Archbishop of Canterbury to explain to him why he, as king of England, has a rightful claim to the throne of France. The archbishop urges Henry to claim his throne in France.

Henry V: French Dauphin's Insult (04:50)

Act I, sc. ii: King Henry receives ambassadors from the Dauphin. The visitor presents him with tennis balls as an insult. King Henry threatens to invade France. Henry charges his men to focus only on France. He receives ambassadors from the Dauphin, and they present him with tennis balls as an insult. King Henry threatens to invade France.

Henry V: Chorus: Preparation for War (00:35)

Act II: Chorus: England prepares for war in France. The audience is once again urged to use their imaginations to transport themselves from Southampton to France.

Henry V: Comic Scene with Pistol and Bardolph (05:05)

Act II, sc. i: This scene begins with a comical interchange between Nym and Bardolph. Pistol and Mistress Quickly soon join them. They are now married. Pistol and Nym draw their swords to attack each other.

Henry V: Sad News about Falstaff (02:58)

Act II, sc. i: A boy arrives with news that Falstaff is very ill. Mistress Quickly blames King Henry for he has "killed his heart." She begs the men to come to Falstaff.

Henry V: Chorus (01:36)

Act II, sc. ii: The Chorus reveals that three of Henry's men are plotting a plan to kill King Henry. The scene shifts to Southampton, England.

Henry V: Traitors Revealed (05:53)

Ac II, sc. ii: King Henry tricks Cambridge, Scrope, and Grey into revealing their treachery. He provides evidence to prove their traitorous intent. He orders them arrested for high treason and sentences them to death.

Henry V: Mourning Falstaff (07:18)

Act II, sc. iii: Pistol, Nym, and Bardolph mourn Falstaff's death as Hostess Quickly relates the details of his death. Despite their sadness, the men must finally go off to the war,

Henry V: In the French Court (04:11)

Act II, sc. iv: The French king fears the English, but the Dauphin believes the English will be easily beaten. Exeter threatens the French king with a bloody battle if he does not give up the throne to King Henry.

Henry V: Henry's Demands of King of France (05:06)

Act II, sc. iv: English nobleman Exeter arrives with a message from King Henry. Henry has already landed in France, and he formally demands that King Charles yield everything to England.

Henry V: Chorus (01:58)

Act III: The Chorus previews the unfolding events. Henry lands with a large fleet of warships at Harfleur. Battles rage. King Charles offers King Henry his daughter's hand in marriage and a few dukedoms.

Henry V: King Henry's Morale Builder (02:08)

Act III, sc. i: Henry, surrounded by his troops, urges them on to one more supreme effort. Henry speaks plainly, appealing to their manhood, their ancestry, and their love of England.

Henry V: Rush to the Ships (03:07)

Act III, sc. i: Nym, Bardolph, Pistol, and Boy reflect on the war. King Henry and his men rush to the ships and the stragglers are gathered to go "into the breach." A young soldier reflects on the villainous behavior of Nym, Bardolph, and Pistol.

Henry V: Argument between English Officers (04:25)

Act III, sc. ii: Fluellen and McMorris argue and are ready to fight when a parley sounds. The men rush to Harfleur's gates.

Henry V: Harfluer Falls to the English (04:12)

Act III, sc. iii: King Henry threatens the governor with harsh punishment if he does not surrender the town. The governor yields Harfleur to King Henry. Henry tells his men to show mercy to the French people as the English fortify the town.

Henry V: French King's Daughter (04:01)

Act III, sc. iv: In the French King's Palace Katherine, the King's daughter, and her gentlewoman Alice, have an English lesson. This scene is almost entirely in French.

Henry V: French King Builds Army (04:33)

Act III, sc. v: At the French court, King Charles, the Dauphin, and advisors discuss the rapid progress Henry V's army is making. Never suspecting that the English could have such a ferocious army, Charles orders his noblemen to raise a great army to defeat England.

Henry V: Bardolph's Crime (04:09)

Act III, sc. vi: In an English camp in France, Pistol reports that Bardolph has stolen valuable French icons. His punishment is to be hanged, and Pistol begs Fluellen to stop it. Gower tells Fluellen that Pistol is a deceiver.

Henry V: British Victory and Death of a Friend (01:43)

Act III, sc. vi: King Henry questions Fluellen about the battle for the bridge and learns that the English have won. He tells Henry that Bardolph is about to be hanged theft. Though Bardolph is an old friend of the King, Henry does not intercede.

Henry V: Message to King Henry (03:52)

Act III, sc. vi: King Charles sends a message to Henry. He says Henry must consider a "ransom" to be paid to France once the French have defeated the English. Henry responds that his troops are tired but they will continue to fight for what they think is right.

Henry V: Prologue: In the French Camp (01:20)

Act IV: The prologue (first half) is spoken by the Chorus. The English and French camp for the night, anticipating the battle the next day. The English believe they will lose and die; the French believe they will be victorious.

Henry V: French Dauphin's Attitude (06:59)

Act III, sc. vii: In a French camp, the Dauphin, his lords and the constable discuss the next day's battle. The Dauphin brags about his horse and talks of spilling English blood. His nobles think he is ingenuous. They joke about the English army.

Henry V: Prologue: Henry among His Troops (01:19)

Act V: Remainder of prologue. In the English camp on the night before the battle, King Henry walks among his troops bolstering their spirits and urging them onwards. "Behold, as may unworthiness define/A little touch of Harry in the night."

Henry V: King Henry in Disguise (04:17)

Act IV, sc. i: Disguised as a common soldier, King Henry walks among his troops. Pistol praises the king but insults Fluellen. Staying hidden, Henry admires Fluellen's valor.

Henry V: Henry's Interaction with Common Soldiers (06:47)

Act IV, sc. i: A disguised King Henry joins three common soldiers at a camp fire. He brings up the odds of the English to win. One soldier says the King will be to blame for all the lost lives in a useless battle. Henry defends the King. The soldier challenges Henry (in disguise) to settle their disagreement after the battle.

Henry V: Prayer before the Battle (05:55)

Act IV, sc. i: King Henry reflects on the loneliness of power and the awesome responsibility of his position. He knows that kingship is not just the ceremony and pomp. He prays that God would "steel my soldiers' hearts" and forgive him and his family.

Henry V: French Confidence (02:13)

Act IV, sc. ii: The Dauphin, eager to shed English blood, demands the noblemen to mount their horses for battle.

Henry V: St. Crispin's Day Speech (06:08)

Act IV: sc. iii: Henry tells his noblemen that he wishes to fight only with men who want to fight for England. Because there are so few English soldiers, Henry says each can gain a greater honor by staying to fight. "God dispose the day!"

Henry V: Pistol's Complicity (05:01)

Act IV, sc. iv: On the battlefield, Pistol takes a French prisoner. Boy translates. The soldier begs for his life and promises to pay Pistol if he lets him go. Boy criticizes Pistol's cowardice. He worries that the French will know how weak the English army is.

Henry V: British Victory (01:15)

Act IV, sc. vi: King Henry announces that the English have taken the day. The French, however, continue to fight. Henry learns that the Duke of York and the Earl of Suffolk are dead. Henry gives orders to kill all the French prisoners.

Henry V: Fluellen's Loyalty (03:11)

Act IV, sc. vii: An outraged Fluellen agrees with Henry's decision to kill French prisoners. He compares Henry to Alexander the Great.

Henry V: Henry Assured of English Victory (02:26)

Act IV, sc. vii: Henry is enraged at the French soldiers who continue to ride in the battlefield. Montjoy asks Henry if the French can dispose of their dead. Henry learns that the English have, indeed, won the battle.

Henry V: Feuellen's Patriotism (01:27)

Act IV, sc. viii: Fluellen expresses his joy over the victory and praises Henry. He swears he remains Henry's countryman, but qualifies it with a condition that Henry always be honest.

Henry V: Henry's Challenger (01:59)

Act IV, sc. vii: Henry sees the soldier who challenged him the night before. He tells the King why he wears another's glove in his cap. It is a promise to fight the man (Henry in disguise) at war's end. Henry gives the glove to Fluellen as a joke.

Henry V: Joke on Fluellen (03:44)

Act IV, sc. viii: Fluellen vows to fight Williams, the soldier wearing Henry's glove. Henry appears and admits it was he, in disguise, who challenged Henry. Henry orders Exeter to fill Williams' cap with crowns. Williams refuses money from Fluellen.

Henry V: Count of the Dead (02:54)

Act IV, sc. viii: King Henry learns that there are 10,000 Frenchmen dead on the field. The English have lost only 29 men. Henry thanks God. The Chorus and Henry's men sign a solemn song as they exit the field.

Henry V: Pistol's Punishment (05:54)

Act V, sc. i: Fluellen tells Gower he will punish Pistol as a rascal and bragging knave. Pistol enters, and Fluellen beats him and forces him to eat a leek. He gives him small change for beating him. Pistol promises to get revenge.

Henry V: Henry at the French Court (04:45)

Act V, sc. i: In the French court, King Henry honors the royal assemblage. The Duke of Burgundy explains why the two Kings are brought together.

Henry V: Henry's Demands (01:08)

Act V, sc. ii: The Duke of Burgundy requests that Henry's nobles study Henry's demands again. Henry dismisses them, but he asks Katherine to stay.

Henry V: Henry's Profession of Love (04:13)

Act V, sc. ii: Henry professes his love to Katherine and tries to persuade her to marry him.

Henry V: Katherine Accepts Henry (07:18)

Act V, sc. ii: Katherine's response to Henry's proposal is to ask why she should marry an enemy of France. Henry stumbles through a response in French. He almost begs Katherine to take him as a husband. She finally accepts him subject to her father's approval.

Henry V: Blessing of King Charles (02:06)

Act V, sc. ii: Katherine's father accepts all of Henry's demands, including the hand of his daughter. King Charles gives his blessing, hoping that there will be peace between English and France. The Dauphine storms from the room.

Henry V: Blessing of the Queen (02:51)

Act V, sc. ii: Queen Isabella blesses the marriage. The Chorus provides the epilogue.

Henry V: Curtain Call & Credits (00:31)

Henry V: Curtain Call & Credits

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