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Henry IV, Part 2: Overview of Characters (01:49)


A video montage gives viewers a preview to the characters.

Henry IV, Part 2: Good News of the Rebellion (01:36)

Act I, sc. i: Lord Bardolph tells Northumberland--Hotspur's father and a leader of the rebellion against Henry IV--receives news that the rebels are winning and that his son Hotspur is alive and well.

Henry IV, Part 2: Less Than Good News (02:08)

Act I, sc. i: Northumberland, having received good news from Bardolph, hears less heartening news from Travers. A third messenger arrives. He has very bad news: the rebellion has lost, and Northumberland's son, Hotspur, has been killed

Henry IV, Part 2: Northumberland's Resolve (01:17)

Act I, sc. i: Northumberland is heartbroken by learning of his son's death. He threatens revenge. His friends tell him that the rebellion still has a chance, so he must keep himself together. He orders letters sent to his allies.

Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff's Questions (01:16)

Act I, sc. ii: In a street, Falstaff asks his page about the urine sample he sent to his doctor. He also asks about a cloak he ordered, but he learns that his credit is no good.

Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff and the Lord Chief Justice (06:54)

Act I, sc. ii: The Lord Chief Justice tells Falstaff that he has been looking for him in connection with a highway robbery. He accuses Falstaff of misleading "the youthful prince." Falstaff sends off letters and leaves for war.

Henry IV, Part 2: Plans to Move against the King (03:30)

Act I, sc. III: At the Archbishop's palace, the Lords Hastings, Mowbray, and Bardolph are planning their next move against King Henry. The question is whether Northumberland can be counted upon to support them.

Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff's Troubles (02:46)

Act II, sc. i: In Falstaff's favorite tavern, Mistress Quickly laments the money Falstaff owes her. Fang and Snare come to arrest Falstaff when he arrives, but a fight breaks out instead.

Henry IV, Part 2: Accusation (03:13)

Act II, sc. i: The Lord Chief Justice finds Falstaff in the aftermath of a fight. Mistress Quickly complains that Falstaff owes her an enormous sum. Falstaff uses his wits to try to change the subject.

Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff's Debt to Hostess (03:43)

Act II, sc. i: Falstaff takes Mistress Quickly aside. He cons her into pawning her valuables so he can borrow more money from her. Gower reports that the King has returned from his expedition in Wales, and that some of his men have been sent north.

Henry IV, Part 2: Hal's Self-Reflection (03:17)

Act II, sc. ii: Prince Hal tells Poins he is tired and wants a small beer. He thinks back on all the times he spent drinking and carousing. He feels badly about his father's poor health.

Henry IV, Part 2: Planning a Trick (03:33)

Act II, sc. ii: Bardolph and Falstaff's page arrive with a letter for Hal from Falstaff. Hal decides play a joke on Falstaff when he has dinner with his favorite prostitute, Doll Tearsheet.

Henry IV, Part 2: Persuading Northumberland (03:05)

Act II, sc. iii: Northumberland talks with his wife and with his daughter-in-law, Lady Percy, wife of the deceased Hotspur. They convince him to leave the war against the king to others and to keep himself out of it.

Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff and Two Women (04:58)

Act II, sc. iv: At the Boar's Head Tavern, Falstaff, Mistress Quickly, and Doll Tearsheet, Falstaff's favorite prostitute, interact.

Henry IV, Part 2: Mistress Quickly's Insistence (02:02)

Act II, sc. iv: Mistress Quickly learns that an old friend of Falstaff's waits outside. She does not want him to come in because he is a "swaggerer," someone prone to fighting.

Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff's Belligerent Friend (07:39)

Act II, sc. iv: Pistol, an old acquaintance of Falstaff who serves under him in the army, pays a visit. He and Doll nearly get into a brawl. Pistol uses his gun to fire randomly in the air. He fights Falstaff. Falstaff and Bardolph get rid of him.

Henry IV, Part 2: Hidden Identities (02:56)

Act II, sc. iv: Falstaff and Doll flirt with each other. Poins and Hal are disguised as serving men. They laugh at Falstaff's sexual desires. Falstaff talks about his friends Hal and Poins in a demeaning way.

Henry IV, Part 2: Ruse Uncovered (06:03)

Act II, sc. iv: After Doll leaves, Falstaff recognizes Hal and Poins. Hal criticizes Falstaff for saying such abusive things about him. Falstaff is flustered, and they get into an argument. Falstaff bids farewell to Mistress Quickly and Doll Tearsheet.

Henry IV, Part 2: Current Affairs (03:35)

Act III, sc. i: King Henry and the Earls of Warwick and Surrey discuss the current affairs of State. Henry reflects on Northumberland's past loyalties. He bemoans that he has now turned against the King. Rumors confound the King.

Henry IV, Part 2: Comic Relief (03:53)

Act III, sc. ii: Shallow and Silence, two doddering old men discuss the "wild" days of youth. Shallow remembers Falstaff's visits with a high-class prostitute. The two are preparing to meet Falstaff.

Henry IV, Part 2: Bardolph and Shallow's Private Joke (01:03)

Act III, sc. ii: Bardolph arrives to tell Shallow that Falstaff is about to arrive. The men get distracted with the word "accommodated" as it applies to a man getting sexual satisfaction from women other than a wife.

Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff's Recruits (05:30)

Act III, sc. ii: Falstaff arrives with his recruits, country men named Bullcalf, Feeble, Wart, Mouldy, and Shadow. Shadow reads the roll of Falstaff's list of recruits. Each of the recruits has a disorder that would make him unfit, but Falstaff takes them all.

Henry IV, Part 2: Remembrance of the Past (02:04)

Act III, sc. ii: Falstaff insists he must march to war. Feeble old Shallow reminds Falstaff, "Jesus, the days that we have seen!" He asks about some of the prostitutes they had then. Shallow invites Falstaff to dinner.

Henry IV, Part 2: (01:19)

Act III, sc. ii: Bullcalf, Bardolph, and Feeble discuss death. Bullcalf does not want to go to war. Mouldy does not want to go either. Feeble ways, "We owe God a death," and he is willing to go to war.

Henry IV, Part 2 (04:18)

Act III, sc. ii: Falstaff returns with Shallow to make his final decisions about which recruits he will choose. Shallow suggests which ones to choose. Falstaff praises Wart. He chooses them all in the end.

Henry IV, Part 2: (01:49)

Act III, sc. ii: Falstaff, alone on the stage, reflects on Shallow's lies about their wild times. He makes him out to be a lying, lecherous fool. Falstaff promises himself that he will borrow money from him after the war.

Henry IV, Part 2: Rebels' Options (01:22)

Act IV, sc. i: The Archbishop of York, Mowbray, and Hastings, rebel leaders, learn that Northumberland will not support their efforts.

Henry IV, Part 2: (03:36)

Act IV, sc. i: Westmoreland accuses the Archbishop of improperly using his religious authority to support rebellion; King Henry has agreed to consider the rebels' grievances. Westmorland leaves with the list.

Henry IV, Part 2: Prince John's Appeasement (04:33)

Act IV, sc. i: Prince John faces the rebel leaders and assures them that King Henry will grant them their demands. If they agree, he says they should let their soldiers go home.

Henry IV, Part 2: Prince John Declares Peace (01:19)

Act IV, sc. ii: Shouts of joy can be heard from another part of the forest. The soldiers have heard of the pact of peace. The Prince arrests the archbishop, Mowbray, and Hastings as traitors and orders them killed.

Henry IV, Part 2: Mixed Feelings about Hal (02:51)

Act IV, sc. iv: King Henry addresses his sons Thomas of Clarence. He praises Hal but also knows his son's flaws. He tells Thomas to guide him. Warwick reassures the King that Hal will soon throw off his friends.

Henry IV, Part 2: Good News for King Henry (02:47)

Act IV, sc. iv: Westmorland brings good news that the rebels have lost. "Peace puts forth her olive everywhere," he says. Harcourt arrives with more news of the King's victory. Henry collapses and asks his son to take him to his chambers.

Henry IV, Part 2: Prince Hal and the Dying King (02:21)

Act IV, sc. v: Prince Hal arrives in his father's bedchambers and inquires about the King's health. He dismisses his two brothers and Warwick.

Henry IV, Part 2: Prince Hal at His Father's Bedside (03:09)

Act IV, sc. v: Thinking his father is dead, Hal expresses his grief. He puts the crown on his own head and swears that he will be a good king. He leaves his father's bedchamber with the crown.

Henry IV, Part 2: Where Is the Crown? (02:18)

Act IV, sc. v: The King awakens and sees that his crown is gone. He assumes Prince Hal has taken it out of greed and thoughtlessness. He rails on about his sons.

Henry IV, Part 2: King Henry Rebukes Prince Hal (03:10)

Act IV, sc. v: While holding his father's crown, Hal stands before the King. The King believes the worst of Prince Hal. The King rebukes Hal for wanting the crown prematurely. He says Hal will be a horrible

Henry IV, Part 2: Prince Hal's Explanation (01:54)

Act IV, sc. v: Hal respectfully explains why he took the crown. He weeps for joy at his father being alive, but he weeps for regret and grief as well.

Henry IV, Part 2: King's Forgiveness (06:16)

Act IV, sc. v: The King forgives him and asks his son to sit with him. With his dying breath, he wishes Hal more peace than he had for himself. He tells his lords to take him to Jerusalem where he wants to die.

Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff and Shallow's Servant (03:16)

Act V, sc. i: Shallow calls for Davy, his servant, to tell him to prepare a feast for Sir John Falstaff. Davy interrupts with many irrelevant requests and questions. Falstaff says he has enough material to keep Prince Hal laughing for a year.

Henry IV, Part 2: Anxious Lords (01:57)

Act V, sc. ii: At the palace in Westminster, Lancaster, Clarence, Gloucester, and others learn that the King is dead. They express concerns about their own well-being now that Hal is King Henry V.

Henry IV, Part 2: King Henry's Promise to Hos Heir (03:15)

Act V, sc. ii: Hal, now King Henry V, enters in full regalia. He says he will be a father to his brothers.

Henry IV, Part 2: Henry V and Chief Justice (02:28)

Act V, sc. ii: King Hal tells the chief justice that he has always been wise and just. He asks that he teach him how to honorably keep order and help him keep his own sons in line whenever he might have them.

Henry IV, Part 2: Making Merry (03:15)

Act V, sc. iii: Falstaff, Shallow, Davy, Bardolph, Silence, and a page eat, drink, and are very merry. They are all a little drunk. Silence is noisy and obnoxious. Falstaff wonders at the change in him. Silence says he was merry once before in his life.

Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff's Ambitions (03:12)

Act V, sc. iii: Pistol brings news of the death of Henry. Falstaff and his friends assume that Henry V will grant them favors and power. Falstaff promises high positions for all of them.

Henry IV, Part 2: Two Women Arrested (01:13)

Act V, sc. iv: Mistress Quickly and Doll Tearsheet, now pregnant, have been arrested by two lawmen. The women rain insults on the men's heads, but they are taken off to the justices anyway.

Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff's Pride (01:41)

Act V, sc. v: While waiting the King's procession, Falstaff, convinced that King Hal will acknowledge him and award him something great,

Henry IV, Part 2: Banishment of Falstaff (02:38)

Act V, sc. v: Trumpets announce the arrival of the King. Falstaff hails him, but Henry ignores and then denounces Falstaff. He banishes him and his friends from his presence. He promises to give them income enough to live without resorting to crime.

Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff off to Prison (03:30)

Act V, sc. v: Falstaff assures his friends that the King's pronouncement was merely a formality. He says the King will call for him in private. Instead, the band of ne'er-do-wells is hauled off to prison where they will wait to be taken from London.

Credits: Henry IV, Part 2 (02:42)

Credits: Henry IV, Part 2

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