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Henry IV, Part 1: Video Montage (02:37)


Haunting music accompanies a video montage of characters in their roles in "Henry IV, Part 1." Actors playing key roles are highlighted.

Musical Introduction (02:24)

The acting company opens the play with an original song.

Henry IV, Part 1: Trouble in King Henry's England (05:04)

Act I, sc. i: King Henry announces he will go on a pilgrimage, but he changes his mind when he hears reports of skirmishes, rebellions, and battles in his kingdom. Henry compares the achievements of Hotspur with that of his dishonorable son Harry.

Henry IV, Part 1: Hangovers (05:23)

Act I, sc. ii: Falstaff and young Prince Harry are recovering from a night's drinking and carousing. Falstaff frequently alludes to Harry's becoming the next king. They talk of stealing purses and spending the money on drink.

Henry IV, Part 1: Robbery and Trickery (02:35)

Act I, sc. ii: Poins and Falstaff plan to rob some rich pilgrims. Poins tells Prince Harry of a new plan to play a dirty trick on Falstaff. Hal agrees.

Henry IV, Part 1: Planning a Trick (01:39)

Act I, sc. ii: Poins tells Prince Harry of a new plan to play a dirty trick on Falstaff. Hal agrees.

Henry IV, Part 1: Prince Henry's Rationale (01:39)

Act I, sc. ii: Harry explains his wild behavior. If he lowers people’s expectations of him, it will be easier to please them later on than it would be if people expected great things of him. He deliberately chooses friends and a lifestyle that he knows will disappoint his father and the populace.

Henry IV, Part 1: Worcester Dismissed (01:18)

Act I, sc. iii: King Henry no longer trusts Worcester. He dismisses him "for I do see danger and disobedience in thine eye."

Henry IV, Part 1: Hotspur's Defiance (05:18)

Act I, sc. iii: Summoned by the king, Hotspur must explain why he hasn't handed over captives as the King commanded. Hotspur makes an elaborate excuse. King Henry is not amused. He demands that Hotspur send the prisoners to him.

Henry IV, Part 1: King's Rival (02:51)

Act I, sc. iii: Hotspurs suspects that Henry won't ransom Mortimer because he knows that Mortimer was named successor to King Richard, whom Henry illegally deposed.

Henry IV, Part 1: A Secret Alliance (03:36)

Act I, sc. iii: Worcester, Hotspur's uncle, attempts to calm Hotspur down by telling him of a plan to form an alliance with rebel forces in Scotland and Wales. Northumberland will seek the support of the Archbishop of York.

Henry IV, Part 1: Joke on Falstaff (03:03)

Act II, sc. ii: Falstaff searches for his horse, which has been concealed by Poins. He complains to Prince Hal, who is in on the joke. Hal and the other robbers plan their strategy.

Henry IV, Part 1: The Robbery (01:36)

Act II, sc. ii: When the wealthy travelers appear, Falstaff, Peto, Bardolph, and Gadshill rob them and tie them up. Hal and Poins arrive in masks and scare them off before they can divide up the treasure. Hal and Poins laugh at the easy theft of the money from Falstaff.

Henry IV, Part 1: Hotspur's Bad News (03:20)

Act II, sc. iii: Hotspur reads a letter from a nobleman who refuses to join the Percy's rebellious plot. Hotspur fears the plot will be revealed to Henry.

Henry IV, Part 1: Hotspur's Disagreement with His Wife (05:10)

Act II, sc. iii: Lady Percy demands that Hotspur explain what he’s been planning. Hotspur demands that his wife stop asking where he is going. He says women should not know what men must conceal. Lady Percy unhappily acquiesces.

Henry IV, Part 1: Prince Hal and the Commoners (06:33)

Act II, sc. iv: In the Boar’s Head Tavern in Eastcheap, Prince Hal has been making friends with the bartenders. Hal and Poins tease a young bartender named Francis.

Henry IV, Part 1: Falstaff's Arrogance (05:08)

Act II, sc. iv: When Falstaff and his friends arrive at the tavern, Falstaff begins bragging about the band of robbers he and the others fought. His lies are outrageous. He claims at least 50 men were upon him. He hints that he might have killed a few.

Henry IV, Part 1: The Revelation (04:00)

Act ll, sc. iv: Prince Hal confronts Falstaff with the truth about the robbery. Falstaff bluffs his way out of his lies. He is glad that Hal has the money.

Henry IV, Part 1: Questioning the Robbers (01:49)

Act II, sc. iv: Prince Hal wants to know how Falstaff talked Bardolph and Peto into the robbery.

Henry IV, Part 1: News of Civil War (02:04)

Act II, sc. iv: Civil war is brewing in England, and Harry must go to the court to see his father. Falstaff reminds Hal that Percy, Douglas, and Glendower are powerful enemies of the King. Falstaff says the King's beard has turned white.

Henry IV, Part 1: Role Playing--Falstaff is King Henry (04:20)

Act II, sc. iv: Falstaff and Prince Hal agree to role play so that Hal can practice what he will say to the King in the morning.

Henry IV, Part 1: Role Playing--Prince Hal is King Henry (04:24)

Act II, sc. iv: Hal and Falstaff change places. Hal plays the role of King Henry. In the role of king, Harry mocks Falstaff, now playing the role of Hal. He chides Hal for consorting with Falstaff, an unsavory character.

Henry IV, Part 1: In Search of Falstaff (06:15)

Act II, sc. iv: The sheriff arrives, looking for Falstaff, who is believed to have robbed some travelers. Hal says he is not there. Falstaff falls asleep behind the arras.

Henry IV, Part 1: Glendower's Ego (03:15)

Act III, sc. i: Hotspur, Worcester, Mortimer, and Glendower assemble to strategize. Glendower brags about his extraordinary powers, his ability to call forth spirits, and his astonishing birth. Hotspur mocks him.

Henry IV, Part 1: Rebels Divide Britain (06:00)

Act III, sc. i: Glendower, Worcester, Mortimer, and Hotspur examine a map of Britain to discuss how they will divide England among the four of them. Hotspur complains. Mortimer chides Hotspur for making fun of Glendower.

Henry IV, Part 1: Mortimer's Welsh Wife (08:59)

Act III, sc. i: Mortimer's wife, who speaks only Welsh, arrives to say good-bye. Mortimer knows no Welsh. Glendower translates. Lady Mortimer sings a song in Welsh. The men leave to meet Douglas and Northumberland.

Henry IV, Part 1: A Father's Rebuke (04:03)

Act III, sc. ii: Rebuke Act III, sc. ii: At the palace in London, King Henry rebukes Hal for hanging around with commoners. The King tells his son that he acted regally with commoners. Henry tells Hal that people are tired of his "vile participation."

Henry IV, Part 1: (03:58)

Act III, sc. ii: King Henry's wrath towards his son, Prince Hal, leads him to say that Hotspur is a more worthy heir. Hal promises to take vengeance on Hotspur. Henry gives his son command of soldiers in the upcoming war.

Henry IV, Part 1: Falstaff's Complaint (04:46)

Act III, sc. iii: Act III, sc. iii: At the Boar's Head Tavern, Falstaff complains to Bardolph that he is weak and thin.

Henry IV, Part 1: Falstaff's Debts (02:09)

Act III, sc. iii: Falstaff and the innkeeper argue over his debts for food and clothing. He claims she robbed him the night before.

Henry IV, Part 1: Falstaff's Lies (04:23)

Act III, sc. iii: Falstaff complains to Prince Hal that his pocket was picked the night before. He insults the hostess. Then he accuses Hal of picking his pocket. Hal admits it in jest. Falstaff dismisses the hostess after ordering breakfast

Henry IV, Part 1: Hal Takes Charge (01:21)

.Act III, sc. iii: Hal tells Falstaff that he has paid off his debts. He sends Peto off with letters to allies. They must take Percy down. Falstaff demands his breakfast.

Henry IV, Part 1: Bad News for Hotspur (04:06)

Act IV, sc. i: In a rebel camp, Hotspur learns that his father is ill and will not send troops. Worcester is deeply concerned, but Hotspur claims they can and will surpass all that they would have done even if his father were there.

Henry IV, Part 1: Undaunted Hotspur (02:52)

Act IV, sc. i: Hotspur learns that King Henry and Prince Hal are coming--fully armed and ready for war. He learns that Glendower will not arrive in time with his troops. Hotspur shows no fear and promises to ride forth into death, if it comes to that.

Henry IV, Part 1: Archbishop's Fears (01:42)

Act IV, sc. iv: The Archbishop of York, an ally of Hotspur and the other rebels, speaks with a friend named Sir Michael. The Archbishop fears that the King's army will beat the rebels. Sir Michael tries to reassure him.

Henry IV, Part 1: Hotspur's Grievances (04:27)

Act IV, sc. iii: Sir Walter Blunt brings an offer of peace from King Henry, who says he will listen to all of Hotspur's grievances. Hotspur begins telling the long history of his family's complaints against King Henry.

Henry IV, Part 1: Falstaff's Soldiers (03:45)

Act IV, sc. ii: Falstaff defends his rag-tag group of soldiers. He assures Hal that he and his men will rise to the occasion.

Henry IV, Part 1: Worcester Confronts the King (04:02)

Act V, sc. i: Worcester, one of the rebels, addresses the King. Henry asked him to leave the rebellion. Worcester lists all the favors his family did for Henry when he deposed Richard. Worcester blames Henry for everything he now has coming.

Henry IV, Part 1: What Is Honor? (02:15)

Act V, sc. i: Falstaff holds forth about the meaning of honor.

Henry IV, Part 1: Worcester's Lie (04:39)

Act V, sc. ii: Worcester lies to Hotspur, telling him that the King insulted the Percys. Hotspur is ready to fight. Worcester then tells Hotspur that Hal wants to fight him man to man. The rebels embrace and set out.

Henry IV, Part 1: Death of Sir Walter Blunt (04:01)

Act V, sc. iii: The King's forces fight the rebels. The Douglas kills Blunt, who is dressed like the King to serve as a decoy. Hotspur and the Douglas return to battle. Falstaff finds Blunt.

Henry IV, Part 1: Prince Hal Saves the King (02:37)

Act V, sc. iv: The Douglas finds King Henry and fights him. Harry returns in time to chase the Douglas off and save his father. Henry is finally proud of his son Hal.

Henry IV, Part 1: Death of Hotspur (05:04)

Act V, sc. iv: Hotspur finds Harry and they identify each other. They fight. Falstaff enters and roots for Harry. Falstaff is wounded and falls to the floor. Harry kills Hotspur and bids him farewell

Henry IV, Part 1: Falstaff Dead? (02:21)

Act V, sc. iv: Harry finds Falstaff on the floor and believes he is dead. He eulogizes both Hotspur and Falstaff. Harry leaves. Falstaff gets up and stabs the dead Hotspur in the thigh so he can claim to have killed him.

Henry IV, Part 1: Death to Rebel Traitors (01:56)

Act V, sc. v: The King, Hal, Lord John, and Westmoreland enter with Worcester and Vernon as prisoners. Henry, realizing that there are still powerful rebels left alive, makes plans to deal with them.

Henry IV, Part 1: Falstaff and Prince Harry (02:32)

Added scene: Falstaff takes credit for killing Percy/Hotspur. He says he should be made an earl or duke for doing the deed. He tells a story of valiance and bravery. Falstaff promises Hal that he will cleanly and nobly.

Credits: Henry IV, Part 1 (02:42)

Credits: Henry IV, Part 1

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