Segments in this Video

Preparation and Equipment Set Up (04:58)


Arc welding creates toxic gas and both ultraviolet and infrared rays. Electrode safety and protective welder clothing is shown. Differences between alternate and direct current welders are explained.

Laying and Reading Beads (03:00)

Striking an arc and stringer and weaving beads are shown in detail. Reading the bead's quality and the reason for inaccurate "undercutting" are explained.

Good Operation Methods (02:22)

Proper restarts connect craters with solid weld pools. Repair of direct current "arc blow" is discussed. Root and multiple torch passes are covered along with vertical up and downhill welds.

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Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Part of the Series : Introduction to Welding
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This video explains the differences between alternating current and direct current arc welding machines and shows how an electrical current melts electrodes to supply filler metal. Also demonstrated are electrode leads, workpiece leads, and electrode holders. Electrode sizing and its importance are explained. Set-up and shut-off instructions are shown step-by-step as well as how to use equipment safely. Uses of Shielded Metal Arc Welding are discussed and demonstrated. (12 min.) A Meridian Production.

Length: 13 minutes

Item#: BVL26786

ISBN: 978-0-7365-8543-9

Copyright date: ©1998

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