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Welding Tools (04:09)


Welder safety clothes, caps, and goggles are imperatives. Acetylene and oxygen cylinders and regulator use are illustrated. Hose safety precautions and flashback arresters are shown.

Preparation, Ignition, and Shut Down (04:34)

The oxyfuel torch controls and mixes fuel gas and oxygen. Valve connection, proper adjustment, and torch ignition are illustrated. Safe and methodical shut down procedures are shown.

Laying a Bead and Making Kerfs (03:24)

Clean welds penetrate and fuse the base metal. Filler rods and oxyfuel cutting torch attachments are explained. A well made cut or "kerf" has clean edges and minimal metal waste.

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Introduction to Oxyfuel Welding

Part of the Series : Introduction to Welding
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This video very clearly explains and demonstrates the careful and safe method of using the combination of acetylene and oxygen gas cylinders. Pressure regulators, check valves, and hoses and fittings are demonstrated as well as torch tubes and tips. Clear instructions on ignition, use of the outfit, and shutting down are provided along with tips on flame adjustment and methods to direct it to the work area. Also demonstrated are various welding techniques and types of welds. (14 min.) A Meridian Production.

Length: 14 minutes

Item#: BVL26785

ISBN: 978-0-7365-8542-2

Copyright date: ©1998

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