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Cellphones Helping the Poor (02:24)


Iqbal Quadir started Bangladesh's first successful cellphone company. Learn Quadir's career history and the inspiration for starting his Bangladesh company.

Village "Phone Ladies" (02:57)

Iqbal Quadir explains his initial cellphone concept. A woman discusses the impact of being a "phone lady." Cellphones improved communication in Bangladesh villages.

Engaging the Poor in Business (02:50)

In Bangladesh, 34 million people own a cellphone. A Village Phone Lady discusses her evolving business. Iqbal Quadir discusses village phone criticism.

Cell Bazaar (01:16)

Entrepreneurial innovations have increased Bangladesh's economy. Iqbal Quadir discusses Bangladesh becoming a model for other poor communities.

Bangladesh Cellphone Update (01:38)

A CBC correspondent discusses Village Phone Ladies, the importance of Grameen Bank, and the cellphone experiment extending into other countries.

Credits: Village Cellphone: Empowering Bangladesh (00:06)

Credits: Village Cellphone: Empowering Bangladesh

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Village Cellphone: Empowering Bangladesh

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In the early 1990s, Iqbal Quadir, a Bangladesh-born MIT professor and entrepreneur, had the idea that cellphones could be used to help the very poorest people. For Bangladesh, a densely populated country strangled by frequent natural disasters and a serious lack of infrastructure, Iqbal saw communication technology as an essential resource. His vision: to help village entrepreneurs, backed by micro-loans, establish cellphone leasing businesses that retail phone services to their surrounding communities. Ten years later, with hundreds of "village phone ladies" in operation, did Iqbal's model for lifting developing nations out of poverty pay off? CBC News Sunday's Natasha Sweeney has the story of how one man, starting with one phone, helped a whole country leapfrog into the 21st century.

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