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Fall and Rise of Theo Fleury Intro (01:38)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of Theo Fleury's life and career.

Destined for the NHL (02:36)

Theo Fleury recalls the night he bought a handgun. He discusses growing up in Russell, Manitoba and his love of hockey. Sheldon Kennedy recalls Fleury's attitude.

Hockey Coach Molests Players (02:48)

Fleury signed with Graham James and the Winnipeg Warriors. Fleury and Kennedy discuss being sexually abused by James.

Coach Sexually Abused Boys (01:34)

Fleury and Kennedy recall James taking them to Disneyland and switching nights in their beds.

Hockey News Man of the Year (02:07)

James got a job with the Swift Current Broncos and traded for Kennedy. Fleury tried to bury his secrets and further his career; he helped the Flames win the Stanley Cup.

Fleury Masked the Pain (01:30)

Fleury discusses partying almost every night to bury his pain. When allegations against James became public, Fleury panicked and began using cocaine.

NHL Superstar (03:02)

Experts discuss Fleury's skill and attitude. Kennedy and Fleury struggled with James' abusive and bizarre behavior. Fleury invested in James' new junior hockey team.

Catching a Sexual Predator (03:51)

James' proximity forced Kennedy to go to the police. A reporter discusses initially defending James. Fleury was scared and kept the abuse to himself. James was convicted of 350 counts.

Fleury Hide from His Abuse (01:41)

Fleury explains his alcohol and cocaine use and discusses being traded from the Calgary Flames.

Fleury Joins the New York Rangers (02:57)

Fleury was lost after being traded. He reflects on his feeling of loss and spending tens of thousands of dollars at strip clubs.

"It Hasn't Got Weird Enough for Me, Yet" (02:23)

Glen Sather discusses Fleury's behavior and refusal to discuss the abuse. Fleury reflects on his ability to function while abusing drugs and alcohol and not taking responsibility.

Fleury in Rehab (02:50)

Fleury entered the NHL's substance abuse program. He discusses Wayne Gretzky's invitation to join the Olympic hockey team and his gambling addiction.

Fleury's Decline (02:14)

After the Olympics, Fleury returned to old patterns of behavior. He was forced to return to the NHL substance abuse program and Sather refused to have him on his team.

Fleury Contemplates Suicide (01:49)

Fleury discusses purchasing a handgun and putting it in his mouth; he wanted to kill the demon inside.

Fleury Chose to Live (03:33)

Turning to their Cree roots helped Fleury and his wife Jennifer get sober. Fleury looks at his life from a spiritual perspective; he cannot forgive James.

Fleury Reinstated (03:06)

Fleury returns to the Calgary Flames after six years. He explains why he returned to the ice. Jennifer Fleury recalls his first game back.

Fleury Now (01:04)

Fleury announced his retirement. Bob McKeown discusses James' conviction.

Credits: Fall and Rise of Theo Fleury (01:03)

Credits: Fall and Rise of Theo Fleury

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Against all odds, Theo Fleury established himself as a major star in the National Hockey League. In his rookie year, he helped the Calgary Flames win the Stanley Cup and went on to rack up Hall of Fame stats. But, through it all, he was as troubled as he was talented and tough. The Fifth Estate tells Fleury’s remarkable story, the staggering fall from grace that cost him millions of dollars, his family and almost, his life. Fleury talks about how he struggled back from the brink of despair to become clean and sober and ready to help others. He candidly discusses the dark issues that haunted him during the glory years, including the sexual abuse he experienced as a teenager at the hand of the now notorious junior hockey coach, Graham James. His candid and unsentimental recounting of those years and, finally, his vanquishing of his demons, will be an inspiration to many, a cautionary tale for others.

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