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Biography: Nouriel Roubini (01:31)


Nouriel Roubini predicted the 2008 credit crisis. Stroumboulopoulos summarizes the housing and credit crisis causes.

Warning Signs (02:04)

Nouriel Roubini talks about seeing indications that the financial crisis would occur.

International Economy (01:25)

Speaking during the financial crisis, Roubini talks about why Canada is in a better economic position than the U.S. He calls for worldwide monetary policy loosening.

Bank Regulators (01:47)

Roubini discusses mistakes banks made leading to the financial crisis, and regulators' failure to rein them in.

Government Intervention (02:51)

Stroumboulopoulos asks at what point government intervention becomes socialism. Roubini says crisis makes intervention necessary and calls for nationalizing banks.

Predicting Course of Economic Crisis (01:22)

The financial crisis and foreign policy mistakes will accelerate relative U.S. decline. Roubini predicts 10% unemployment throughout the developed world.

Biography: Harry Dent (01:15)

Harry Dent has argued that for demographic reasons, roughly every 40 years the stock market peaks, followed by a long downturn.

Boom and Bust (03:21)

Baby boomers' spending created prosperity and the housing bubble- subprime. Harry Dent predicts the housing market will decline and the stock market recovery will reverse.

Economic Cycles (02:40)

Dent suggests that he can predict the economy better than economists. He discusses the business cycle and generational cycles.

Different Countries' Responses (02:21)

Dent predicts China will bail out the U.S. and Europe; Canada will benefit from U.S. stimulus. He thinks the economy will not recover until 2012.

Biography: David Chilton (01:44)

Stroumboulopoulos summarizes the background of David Chilton, author of "The Wealthy Barber," a financial planning novel.

"The Wealthy Barber" (01:37)

Stroumboulopoulos talks about the cult-like popularity of "The Wealthy Barber." Chilton talks about the success of his book.

Need to Retrench (03:27)

Chilton talks about the relevance of his book in light of the crisis, which proved that society has been living beyond its means. He discusses the paradox of thrift.

Financial Crisis (01:45)

Chilton anticipated the housing bubble collapse but did not realize it would expand to a credit crisis. Older investors became over-invested in stocks.

Limit Consumption (02:48)

Chilton offers advice and predicts subdued future growth, as the American consumer is tapped out.

Writing Career (01:03)

Chilton talks about his writing career, and why "The Wealthy Barber" started out as a racy book.

Biography: Malcolm Gladwell (01:56)

Stroumboulopoulos summarizes the background and career of writer Malcolm Gladwell.

Gladwell on Outliers (02:00)

Malcolm Gladwell discusses his study of successful people. He favors cultural over genetic explanations for Asians' math success.

Environmental Influences (02:37)

Gladwell favors cultural over genetic explanations for Asians' math success. He discusses why hockey players are disproportionately born early in the year.

Luck (01:57)

Gladwell talks about how lucky successful people are- Bill Gates had a home computer as a teen.

Ten Thousand Hours (03:53)

Gladwell discusses the ten thousand hours theory and declines in talent. He grew his hair out and discovered that people treated him differently.

Biography: Stephen Bronfman (01:55)

Stroumboulopoulos describes the background and career of Stephen Bronfman.

Youth Engagement (02:58)

Stephen Bronfman talks about an environmental program he founded to engage the youth.

Green Business (02:24)

Stephen Bronfman talks about persuading the business community to think long-term and embrace green energy.

Finding Identity (03:18)

Stephen Bronfman talks about finding his identity in a billionaire family. He discusses his father's ownership of the Montreal Expos.

Green Act (00:57)

Bronfman is turning his family homestead into Canada's largest green home.

Biography: Michael Budman (01:39)

Stroumboulopoulos summarizes the life of Michael Budman, co-founder of the Canadian business Roots.

Becoming Canadian (01:15)

American-born Michael Budman came to Canada and co-founded the company Roots. He talks about his love of Canada.

Leadership (03:25)

Budman talks about keeping his brand evolving, his approach to business leadership, and Roots' commitment to environmental and other causes.

Olympic Outfits (01:33)

Budman discusses why Roots is sidelined from the Olympic apparel business during the Beijing Olympics.

Comedians Run Store (01:53)

Roots co-founder Michael Budman talks about how he ended up letting Gilda Radner and Dan Aykroyd run his first store for a day, and his enthusiasm for Canada.

Keeping Manufacturing at Home (01:47)

Budman talks about his decision to keep Roots a private company. By finding a niche with leather goods, Roots has been able to keep some of its manufacturing in Canada.

Biography: Jim Balsillie (02:01)

Stroumboulopoulos summarizes the background and philanthropic career of Jim Balsillie, co-founder of RIM.

Lack of Diversification (01:39)

Jim Balsillie says his life has changed little since becoming wealthy. He hasn't thought about what RIM will do to branch beyond the Blackberry once others join the market.

Canadian Foreign Policy (03:03)

Balsillie talks about the goals behind the Canadian foreign policy think tank he set up.

Pursuit of Hockey Team (02:40)

Balsillie talks about his effort to bring another hockey team to Canada, and suggests that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman neglects Canada.

Biography: Suze Orman (01:50)

Stroumboulopoulos summarizes the background and career of prominent financial adviser Suze Orman.

Nature of Money (02:29)

Suze Orman tears up a $20 bill to make a point about the value of money. She discusses the difference between men and women when it comes to spending money.

College Experience (01:55)

Orman talks about being roommates with John Belushi and his girlfriend in college.

Money and Ethics (03:08)

Suze Orman rejects the idea that money isn't truly important. She says there has been a decline in financial ethics.

Inspirational Financial Advice (01:44)

Suze Orman makes fun of the Canadian audience for being subdued. She urges us to look within ourselves for financial wisdom and wealth.

Biography: Heather Reisman (01:44)

Stroumboulopoulos summarizes the career of Heather Reisman

Illiteracy (03:53)

40% of Canadian adults are functionally illiterate, which Reisman blames on underfunded school libraries.

Book Business (01:57)

Reisman says her Indigo bookstores are doing well during the recession. She is confident she will not lay people off.

Books Not Carried (02:08)

Reisman discusses Indigo's policy on books it won't sell, including Mein Kampf. She says refusing to carry magazines with the Danish cartoons was a mistake.

Bookstores and Online Reading (01:58)

Reisman believes technology will not drive out books. However, Indigo has created an app called Short Covers for digital books.

Chip Wilson (01:50)

Stroumboulopoulos summarizes the career of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson.

Thinking Behind Lululemon (03:14)

Chip Wilson discusses activities that influenced fashion, and recognizing that yoga would take off. He talks about the origin of the name Lululemon.

Dismissing Criticism (02:17)

When Lululemon went public, short sellers created negative publicity. Wilson dismisses criticism as resulting from envy.

Education Philanthropy (02:17)

Wilson talks about his charity funding education in Ethiopia. Getting every Ethiopian child to school requires a variety of projects.

Credits: The Hour Does Business (00:11)

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