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Celebrity Chefs (02:32)


Meet several chefs that are very well known in society for their profession.

Aesthetically Pleasing (03:39)

Attractive chefs star in television shows. Sensual food images allow viewers to fantasize about food.

Food Paradox (02:18)

There have never been more magazines, books, and television shows about food. Yet people cook less than ever.

Food Pleasure (01:55)

Chef Martin Picard believes that pleasure comes from abundance and should not bring guilt.

Intriguing Food Combinations (02:27)

Chef Charles-Antoine Crete believes that cuisine should be a fun celebration.

Comfort Food (01:57)

Picard has two restaurants and two cookbooks. His restaurants serve generous portions of rich food.

Food Revolution (02:52)

When women left the kitchen for the workplace, they no longer had time for complicated cooking. Industrially prepared foods are commonplace.

Cooking Shows (01:53)

View archival footage of Julia Child's cooking show.

Fast Food (01:53)

France is now the second largest market for McDonalds. Many sit-down restaurants also used pre-packaged foods.

Prepackaged Food (02:46)

Many French restaurants use frozen, vacuum-sealed food. Industrially prepared food cuts down on operating costs.

Food Education (02:29)

Nicolas Bergerault operates restaurants where customers prepare their own meals.

Morocco (04:05)

The consequences of modern life have not yet reached this country. Moroccan women utilize fresh ingredients in their cooking; cooking and eating are family events.

Moroccan Friday (02:03)

Most everyone adheres to the tradition of couscous day.

"Just Cook" (05:16)

Chefs share their theories on ways to get people cooking again.

Food and Love (03:14)

Cooking often reflects a family heritage, but above all, cooking is about sharing love.

Credits: Fixing Our Food Habits: Eat, Cook, Love (01:04)

Credits: Fixing Our Food Habits: Eat, Cook, Love

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Fixing Our Food Habits: Eat, Cook, Love

Part of the Series : Eat, Cook, Love
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In the first installment of the series we learned that home cooking in many parts of the world is practically a thing of the past. But what we discover in Part 2 is that even while we’ve put the kibosh on preparing meals in our own kitchens, we have a bigger appetite than ever for food television and celebrity chefs. The question we have to ask ourselves is: “How can we stay out of the frozen food aisle?” Top chefs urge us to keep it simple. Fixing our food habits doesn’t have to be complicated. Easy recipes with readily available ingredients may be the way back to the kitchen. And our various family heritages and cultural backgrounds may hold important clues. Part of the series Eat, Cook, Love.

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