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Simple Life (03:32)


Chef Jean-Louis Gerin talks about the importance of sharing food. Jennifer Iannolo runs in-home workshops to help people reconnect over food.

Food Anxiety (02:07)

Choosing what food to eat has become a complicated and confusing process. Michele Siano explains how Italian recipes are passed on through generations.

100% Italian (02:06)

Siano founded a company that promotes local ingredients on an international market. Ancel Keys' research established a link between nutrition and cardiovascular disease.

Mediterranean Diet (02:28)

This simple diet has been viewed as a poor person's diet in Italian culture. Pediatrician Angelo Pietrobelli expresses concern about increasing obesity.

Globesity (03:16)

Annia Ciezadlo explains the increasing problem of poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles. Fabio Parasecoli links the changes with television and women entering the workplace.

Olive Oil Festival (02:29)

Professor Franco Poggianti fears that globalization is threatening his way of life. The Mediterranean Diet is synonymous with his cultural history.

Recipe Preservation (01:50)

Umberto Montano scoured villages all over Italy, searching for women with original family recipes in order to preserve his heritage.

Salt (02:07)

Mark Bitterman talks about the diversity and importance of salt.

Salt Regulation (04:17)

In New York, salt has been declared public enemy number one. Government regulation of salt affects all restaurants.

Government Meddling (03:04)

Governments worldwide are becoming food police, taxing and banning fat and salt. Consumers are fighting back. Education is crucial to creating nutritional change.

Foie Gras (05:21)

Chefs talk about their passion for foie gras. California wants to ban this food based on the rights of ducks.

Food Choice (02:46)

Russell Jackson holds a foie gras event to educate diners about the law that is up for election. Foei gras bans are likened to prohibition.

Heart Attack Grill (02:27)

John Basso's theme establishment serves unhealthy food.

Nutritional Villain (02:06)

Basso used to own gymnasiums and diet centers. Diners over 350 pounds eat free at his establishment.

Moderation (01:34)

Iannolo is hopeful that the rediscovery of food will help people love gathering together to eat nutritional food.

Credits: A Simple, Sustaining Ritual: Eat, Cook, Love (00:55)

Credits: A Simple, Sustaining Ritual: Eat, Cook, Love

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A Simple, Sustaining Ritual: Eat, Cook, Love

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The table is set for an exploration of 21st-century eating habits, and the first thing we learn is that there’s trouble stewing. Almost everywhere on Earth, eating habits have nose-dived. The simple sustaining ritual of making and sharing food is disappearing. Traditional diets that are more nutritious and ideal for fighting heart disease are on the decline everywhere. This program follows the downturn in home cooking and examines the arrival of food policing: controversial laws from governments around the world that restrict salt and fat intake and even tax the obese. Part of the series Eat, Cook, Love.

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