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Introduction: Diesel Cylinder Head Service (00:37)


Hear a brief summary of the topics covered in this instructional film.

Cylinder Head Teardown (02:52)

Stabilize the cylinder head. Remove keepers, springs and valves, checking for excessive wear. Measure valve stems with a micrometer. Remove injectors, electrical sensors and freeze plugs before hot tank cleaning.

Cylinder Head Cleaning (01:49)

Wire wheel or bead blast carbon deposits off valves. Scrape off old gasket material, block sand head and clean out valve guides. Apply sealer to plugs before reinstalling. Magnaflux the head to find cracks.

Cylinder Head Machining: Injector Tube Installation (03:59)

Use a feeler gauge to check for head warpage. Ream injector openings if necessary and install new injector tubes. Ream the inside of the tube to size and depth using a guide seat machine. Check for leakage.

Cylinder Head Machining: Valve Grinding (03:11)

Inspect valves for wear or damage. Grind valves using the correct valve angle. Grind valve stems, resurface rocker arm tips and grind valve bridges.

Cylinder Head Machining: Resurface Valve Seats (02:19)

Resurface seats using a guide and seat machine or a grinder stone. Check valve depth using a dial indicator.

Cylinder Head Reassembly: Pressure Check (02:44)

Inspect the valve contact surface with Prussian blue dye. Check valve springs for strength, straightness and wear.

Cylinder Head Reassembly: Valves, Springs & Rocker Arms (02:42)

Install valve spring shims, lubricate valve stem tips and place seals onto valves. Fit valve springs over stems and install retainers and keepers. Lubricate bridge rods, slide each bridge over its rod, adjust clearance and insert rocker shafts.

Credits: Diesel Cylinder Head Service (00:27)

Credits: Diesel Cylinder Head Service

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This video will review the most common methods for servicing and rebuilding a diesel engine cylinder head. It will explain how to disassemble, inspect, machine and reassemble different types of diesel cylinder heads, including the complexity of a thorough valve job and the importance of checking the head for cracks, warping, and other forms of damage. (20 minutes)

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