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Introduction: Diesel Engine Teardown (01:28)


Millions of diesel engines operate in a range of vehicles from small to massive. This instructional video will demonstrate how to disassemble any type of diesel engine.

Initial Engine Teardown (01:43)

Engines should be steam cleaned before disassembly. Removed parts should be inspected and organized. Avoid spilling diesel oil.

Engine Top Disassembly (02:59)

See instructions for removing: valve covers, injection lines, rocker arms, and injectors. An organizing tray is recommended.

Engine Front End Disassembly (04:28)

Use a wheel puller to remove harmonic balancers. Remove the front engine cover, timing chain and gears. Remove the exhaust manifold, cylinder head, thrust plate, and camshaft.

Engine Bottom End Disassembly (04:45)

See instructions for: removing the pump and the one-piece oil seal, using a ring ridge cutter and removing rods, pistons, crankshaft, and cylinder liner.

Diesel Part Inspection (02:21)

Debris in an oil pan can help find part failures. Inspect the cylinders, blocks and cylinder head. Check for burned or bent valves and piston wear and damage.

Diesel Part Inspection: Piston Service (01:32)

Remove old piston rings with a ring expander tool. Use a ring groove scraper tool to clean grooves. Remove piston pins.

Cleaning Parts: Part One (01:29)

Obstructed oil passages can cause major engine damage. Clean sealing surfaces and gasket material from the oil pan, valve covers, timing covers and more.

Cleaning Parts: Part Two (02:23)

Clean pistons for reuse, and clean carbon deposits from exhaust ports and cylinder block counter bores. Finish by washing parts in a cold solvent tank.

Credits: Diesel Engine Teardown (00:27)

Credits: Diesel Engine Teardown

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Diesel Engine Teardown

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This training video will demonstrate how to properly disassemble any kind of diesel engine, while inspecting each part for signs of wear, cracks, and damage. Viewers will learn the importance of part organization, detailed part inspection, proper part alignment, the use of special engine disassembly tools and the importance of thorough part cleaning.

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