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Lyme Disease Introduction (01:16)


Ticks transmit the fastest growing vector-borne epidemic. Patients describe symptoms.

Tick Research (01:40)

The Northeastern U.S. is hard hit by Lyme disease. Dr. Rick Ostfeld collects specimens in upstate New York; learn how ticks attach to hosts.

Lyme Disease Progression (01:10)

Ticks inoculate hosts with Borrelia bacteria. A circular rash is often ignored by physicians; learn consequences if untreated with antibiotics.

Lyme Disease Symptoms (02:04)

Judith Albertat describes how the disease manifested; doctors couldn't diagnose her ailment.

Lyme Disease Paradox (02:37)

Although statistically frequent, the disease is often misdiagnosed. Specialist Richard Horowitz studies cases in upstate New York; Allana Toscano describes her experience.

Diagnosing Lyme Disease (02:52)

There is little medical awareness of the disease in the U.S. Horowitz explains his testing process for the multi-system condition.

Establishing Lyme Disease (00:52)

Learn the history of the U.S. tick borne disease.

Borrelia Bacteria (02:32)

The Lyme disease vector is intelligent. Researchers explain how multiple forms allow it to hide from the immune system and avoid antibiotics.

Lyme Disease Prevalence (01:01)

U.S. cases increased tenfold between 2012 and 2013; learn the epidemic's global propagation zones.

Lyme Disease in Africa (01:50)

Borrelia bacteriosis has been found in ten African countries and is often mistaken for malaria. Doctors treat and educate patients in Senegal.

Borrelia Bacteria Transmission (04:27)

Learn how rodents are reservoirs for ticks to infect humans with Lyme disease. Doctors remove nests from village homes as a preventative measure in Senegal.

Lyme Disease Spread (01:54)

Forest fragmentation from suburban development results in rodent predator habitat loss. Increasing rodent populations carry more infected ticks.

European Lyme Disease Education (01:42)

German public health campaigns warn about tick bites. Cases are increasing by 10-15% each year and an estimated one in 80 citizens are infected by Borrelia.

Medical Denial (01:59)

Although categorized as a rare disease in France, Lyme cases are increasing. Learn why state testing protocols may be responsible for the discrepancy.

Scientific Uncertainty (01:40)

Learn why Lyme disease tests lack reliability; some believe politics are to blame.

Scientific Debate (01:38)

French health officials believe Lyme disease is acute, while Horowitz believes it is chronic.

Lyme Disease Resistance (02:08)

Borrelia is often transmitted with other pathogens—overwhelming the immune system. Horowitz treats for infection, inflammation, and immune dysfunction.

Living with Lyme Disease (03:09)

Schoolteacher Joanna was infected seven years ago. She has created rituals to jog short term memory; long term treatment has been somewhat successful.

Lyme Disease Research (01:06)

Scientists are working on new tests, vaccines, and treatments—but the pharmaceutical industry doesn't consider it a worthy investment.

Lyme without Borders (01:18)

Judith has founded an organization to help patients overcome medical denial of their disease.

Lyme Disease Conference (02:18)

Judith organizes an international summit for update patients and doctors on research, and to urge French authorities to give long term treatments.

Patient Abandonment (02:17)

Lyme disease often keeps patients from working, and worker's compensation can be denied. Doctors using new treatments are punished by the French medical authority.

Lyme Disease Awareness Day (00:43)

Protests are organized around the globe against medical denial.

Borreliosis Network (01:26)

Lyme disease patients with neurological symptoms work to spread accurate information about the condition.

Lyme Disease Silence (03:13)

French authorities refuse to post tick danger out of concern for tourism. Joanna convinced only one forest village to warn hikers.

Tick Precautions (00:59)

Learn simple measures to avoid tick bites and Lyme disease infection.

Lyme Disease Future (01:47)

Experts speculate why research isn't being funded for treatment. Horowitz calls for chronic disease centers.

Credits: Lyme Disease: The Silent Epidemic (00:54)

Credits: Lyme Disease: The Silent Epidemic

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Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks and it is spreading throughout the world at an alarming rate. Facial paralysis, painful joints, and meningitis are just some of the symptoms. For sufferers, it’s a living hell. Faced with this disease, the medical profession is at a loss, impotent even: unreliable testing, uncertain therapeutic protocols, and a scientific community that is divided. Taking no sides, this documentary explores the hidden side of this affair. (53 minutes)

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