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Karachi, Pakistan (01:23)


Several people enjoy the ocean beach. Pakistan's extreme contradictions exist in the country's largest city.

Soldier Against Disease (02:22)

Naseem Munir discusses the importance of being a polio worker and the danger she faces. Pakistan is one of three countries threatened by polio.

Polio Vaccination Program (03:34)

Security detail accompanies health workers. Many believe the program is an international plot against Pakistan. A father initially refuses vaccinations; 40 workers have died in the last two years.

War Against Polio Workers (01:50)

The Pakistani Taliban promotes vaccination falsehoods. They increased attacks on workers after Osama bin Laden's death; Shakil Afridi used immunization as a cover for U.S. intelligence work.

Karachi Suburb Infiltrated by Taliban (02:10)

Many residents are refugees and conditions are poor. Two-year-old Fatima has polio; she sees a specialist.

Polio Epidemic (01:55)

At its peak, polio killed or paralyzed over 500,000 people every year. The global immunization program begun in 1988 has almost eradicated polio; incidents in Pakistan are rising.

Polio Vaccine Perceptions (02:45)

Vaccinators are stationed at all major transit points in Pakistan. Aboard a bus, some passengers accept the vaccine, others refuse. Key religious figures are helping to change attitudes.

Fighting the Polio Campaign (01:36)

The Pakistani Taliban questions why the focus is not on drone strikes. The vast majority of Pakistanis want the polio drops.

Extremists Condemn Vaccinations (03:21)

Hear the audio of prayers in a rural town denouncing the polio campaign. A vaccinator recalls being attacked and her friend dying. (Graphic language)

Threats to Polio Workers (02:15)

A twenty-two year old vaccinator was killed in an attack. Naseem Munir continues her work despite the danger; she wants better government protection for workers.

Paralyzed by Polio (01:56)

An 18-month-old suspected polio victim has been admitted to the hospital. Hundreds of thousands of children in tribal areas are denied vaccines.

Eradicating Polio (01:03)

Any country harboring the poliovirus puts other countries at risk. Naseem Munir was killed by her husband.

Credits: Pakistan - The Polio Emergency (00:48)

Credits: Pakistan - The Polio Emergency

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If the polio virus was all but wiped out during the 1980s, why has Pakistan become a polio hotspot? And why are vaccinators risking their own lives to administer preventative drops? In Pakistan, Foreign Correspondent’s Michael Edwards investigates why there is suspicion and hostility against the polio eradication program, which is being fanned by religious extremists including the Taliban.

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