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Deep Ecology Conversation (01:49)


Silver David Cameron interviews ecological philosopher, academic and activist David Orton in advanced stages of pancreatic cancer.

Council of All Beings (03:46)

Orton talks about representing other species and exploring an eco-centric world view while participating in a deep ecology forum.

Deep Ecology Awareness (04:19)

Orton describes his introduction to Arne Næss' philosophy, and becoming a spokesperson for the concept.

Deep Ecology Concept (02:30)

Orton explains the philosophical principles behind the eco-centric worldview, and compares it to "shallow" ecology and industrial society.

Anthropocentric Example (03:30)

Orton uses a Nova Scotia off highway vehicle debate to illustrate how Western society places humans above nature.

Universal Land Ownership (04:32)

Orton discusses the private property debate among Deep Ecology scholars, and reflects on his own decision to purchase property.

Wilderness Immersion Experience (02:41)

Orton recalls a kayaking trip that taught him to respect the natural world and live off the land.

Resisting Uranium Mining (06:11)

Orton describes his involvement in campaigning against Nova Scotia extraction, including developing a sense of the geological time scale.

Balancing Environment and Society (01:59)

Orton describes his efforts to participate in the Deep Ecology movement while supporting social justice issues.

Deep Ecology Language Reform (02:56)

Orton talks about John Livingstone's work on developing alternatives to vocabulary such as "resource" and "weed."

Deep Ecology Theory (05:45)

Orton discusses analyzing environmental thinkers and reflects on his work facilitating a philosophical discussion in the academic world.

Deep Ecology Practice (02:47)

Orton defended seals' rights, even though it made him unpopular among the Nova Scotia fishing community, whose support he needed for political election.

Deep Ecology Politics (03:31)

Orton voices doubts about the Canadian Green Party's "shallow ecology" platform and top-down organizational structure.

Deep Ecology and Overpopulation (03:15)

Orton shares his view that human numbers should be reduced for the global ecosystem to stabilize.

Future of Human Existence (04:02)

Orton talks about how our "vital" needs grow with marketing; he believes social control is necessary to create an ecological society.

Deep Ecology and Spiritualism (05:03)

Orton discusses how scientific and spiritual beliefs have diverged in the green movement, and calls for a return to philosophical views of nature.

"Thinking Like a Mountain" (05:27)

Orton tells the story of Aldo Leopold's Deep Ecology awakening after killing a wolf, and relates his phrase to environmental stewardship.

Credits: Prophet of Deep Ecology: David Orton (00:13)

Credits: Prophet of Deep Ecology: David Orton

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Prophet of Deep Ecology: David Orton

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This episode of The Green Interview features David Orton, a highly-regarded proponent of "deep ecology," a perspective that sees all life forms – man, moose or microbe – as having an equal right to survive and flourish. The philosopher made a remarkable effort to live in accordance with his beliefs, minimizing his ecological footprint by subsisting on a small hill farm in Nova Scotia, which he and his wife, Helga Hoffmann-Orton, deliberately allowed to return to forest. Through activism and writing he strove to create a philosophical position called “left biocentrism,” blending social justice with the tenets of deep ecology. His environmental interests were wide-ranging, encompassing forestry, wildlife, pesticides, fisheries and seals, energy and climate change, aboriginal relationships, Green Party politics and more. (65 minutes)

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