Segments in this Video

Suffering a Brain Injury (04:13)


Maryam d'Abo describes her subarachnoid hemorrhage and surgical experience.

Fragile Human Existence (01:31)

Maryam's brain injury has left her questioning life, death, and identity.

Aneurysm Mechanics (01:34)

Neuroscientists explain how blood flow to the brain can become blocked, causing a hemorrhage.

Aneurysm Treatment (05:11)

Brain hemorrhages can cause death or severe disability. A neurosurgeon explains the artery bypass procedure performed on teenage patient Goang-Jong Shu, who maintains a positive outlook.

Aneurysm Surgery (04:32)

Maryam describes challenges of being in public while recovering from a brain injury. Neurosurgeons discuss the complex procedure and explain risks to patient quality of life and personality.

Brain Surgery (Graphic) (02:05)

Witness a neurosurgeon removing a tumor to extend the patient's life for a few months.

Mystery of Consciousness (03:28)

The human brain allows us intellectual function and comprehension, but neuroscientists are skeptical of souls and afterlives. Maryam isn't afraid of death itself but of suffering.

Recovering from Stroke (03:08)

Brain injuries are the third most common cause of death, after heart disease and cancer. Robert describes his right hemorrhagic infarct and reflects on anger and depression at losing his old life.

Stroke Therapy (02:47)

Neuroscientists discuss methods that help patients recover from paralysis and regenerate brain function.

Recovering from Brain Surgery (03:23)

Nancy describes how surgeons removed part of her skull to relieve brain swelling, and stored it in her abdominal wall. She has a new appreciation for life.

Gaining Life Perspective (04:04)

Maryam's husband Hugh talks about staying strong during her brain injury. James reflects on priority shifts after surviving a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Arteriovenous Malformation (03:30)

Maryam has become more empathetic towards pain in others after her brain injury. 8 year old Monty suffered an AVM; his neurosurgeon describes the surgical procedure.

Brain Injury Support Group (04:26)

Many patients suffer intellectual and cognitive disabilities. A U.K. charity helps them reenter society through volunteering; members share their experiences working with orphans in Namibia.

Brain Injury and Memory (05:37)

Maryam reflects on cognitive challenges after her surgery. Jazz musician Pat lost the ability to play the guitar after suffering an AVM; he relearned the skill by watching videos of his old performances.

Brain Injury and Creativity (04:21)

Our source of creative function is likely connected to the frontal lobe. Quincy Jones describes how his surgery affected his music and outlook on life.

Brain Injury and Disability (04:53)

Nurses dance with wheelchair bound patients at a U.K. rehabilitation facility. Neuroscientists discuss therapeutic attempts to improve quality of life; Jeffrey is paralyzed but cognitively functional.

Living with Brain Injury (03:03)

Maryam reflects on helping the disabled experience joy. A music therapist plays a tune with a paralyzed patient.

Brain Injury Lessons (03:34)

Maryam gained a new sense of vitality and appreciation for life during her recovery.

Credits: Rupture: Living with My Broken Brain (02:20)

Credits: Rupture: Living with My Broken Brain

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Actress Maryam d’Abo suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage in 2007. Her near-death experience inspired this film to be made with her husband filmmaker, Hugh Hudson who witnessed her illness. Maryam leads us on a personal journey of recovery, giving hope to those who are isolated by their condition. First-hand stories celebrate our will to survive and bring awareness of an unseen and unpredictable condition that is often misunderstood. (69 minutes)

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