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China's Drug Trade (01:31)


Foreign Correspondent Stephen McDonnell will investigate how narcotics are flooding China's party scene, fueled by new money. (Credits)

Golden Triangle Trade (02:45)

Loose policing at the China-Myanmar border enables drug smuggling. Historically a heroin producer, Burma is now producing other drugs that reach Australia.

Ruili Immigration (03:50)

Myanmar's methamphetamine production has developed in response to Chinese demand. Hundreds of Burmese workers cross illegally to China's Yunnan Province through unregulated fence holes in a border town.

Ruili Drug Deals (03:29)

A local confirms that narcotic use has skyrocketed along the Myanmar-China border, and shows McDonnell transactions taking place in the open.

Kunming Narcotics Bureau (04:05)

The Burmese heroin trade is being replaced by meth because it's cheaper to produce. McDonnell views seized drugs at China's largest drug squad in Yunnan Province; learn trade statistics.

Shanghai Drug Culture (02:47)

A new social acceptance is increasing drug consumption in China's affluent city. A young woman started taking meth with friends who said it wasn’t addictive.

Shanghai Drug Trade (03:05)

McDonnell visits a nightclub to witness the party culture. Experts predict that consumption will increase if China's economic growth falters, due to social instability. Profits make dealing an attractive profession.

Chinese Drug Rehab (05:00)

A woman went through compulsory rehab, but misses taking meth. Former heroin addicts work in a Yunnan disciplinary factory—one of hundreds across the nation. A shift leader relates how his habit destroyed family life.

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In a hidden corner of Asia, where two dramatically different and rapidly changing nations collide, an economy is taking hold that's endangering lives around the world. With money to burn, China's non-stop party people are consuming drugs in unprecedented numbers, turning neighboring Myanmar into a meth lab and driving a resuscitation of the Golden Triangle's heroin trade.

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