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Intro: Audio Processing Disorder (02:24)


Listening difficulties are a result of the brain's inability to process sounds effectively. Luke Strivens showed signs of APD at 15 months.

Causes of APD (02:06)

Estimates state that 5% of the pediatric population has APD. Learn the difference between APD and hearing loss, and the causes of APD.

APD Affects Language and Learning (04:02)

Luke Strivens had a limited vocabulary at 18 months. Learn APD symptoms and secondary symptoms that children exhibit at home and in the classroom.

Audiological Testing (02:16)

Luke Strivens started undergoing testing at two-years-old. Learn the purposes of central audio testing and Auditory Brainstem Response.

APD Assessment and Management (03:18)

Learn several intervention and rehabilitation strategies for APD patients; multidisciplinary input is needed.

APD Management: FM System (02:52)

Learn the components of the APD device and how they work; monitoring use is crucial for support.

APD Management: Training Interventions (01:09)

Listening games aim to enhance sound attention and memory; there is no medication for APD.

APD Support (03:58)

Lack of intensive APD treatment in schools is a pressing professional issue. Luke Strivens' father discusses Luke's education and self-esteem. Learn classroom tips for children with listening difficulties.

Credits: Audio Processing Disorder (01:13)

Credits: Audio Processing Disorder

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The Disease and... Ease team traveled to London to meet the experts on the diagnosis and treatment of Auditory Processing Disorder. APD affects both children and adults and usually manifests itself as listening or learning difficulties; the brain cannot process sounds effectively even though the individual's hearing appears to be normal. With the help of the audiologists of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and a group of specialists on speech, language and hearing disabilities, we learn about the challenges of diagnosis, treatment and management of this affliction. (25 minutes)

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