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Mediterranean Women in Conflict (01:40)


Female activists have been on the front lines of revolutions, protests, and social movements since the Arab Spring.

Female Egyptian Activism (02:10)

Engineer Shahinaz Salam began political blogging and attending protests in 2006. She reflects on solidarity between her country and Tunisia.

Tahrir Square (02:15)

View a video of a woman appealing for Egyptian solidarity. Salam recalls attending protests in January 2011 and changing her father's attitude towards Mubarak.

Mediterranean Social Justice Movement (01:03)

Spanish and Israeli activists discuss how women in Tahrir Square inspired them to protest in their own countries.

Occupy Tel Aviv (03:46)

Learn how the Arab Spring inspired an uprising in Israel. Film editor Daphni Leef describes protesting high living costs and forming a social justice coalition with Jewish-Arab Daam Party leader Asma Aghbarieh.

Egyptian Activist's Statement (Explicit nudity) (04:00)

Women in Morocco, Tunisia, Israel, and Egypt share diverse interpretations of Alia al-Mahdi's controversial naked self-portrait that resulted in her exile.

Female Self-Expression (03:42)

After colonial independence, women in the Arab world bared their heads. Egyptian activists discuss the veil's symbolism and their personal dress decisions.

Politicizing the Female Body (02:30)

Egyptian and Tunisian women discuss the “social schizophrenia” of women expected to wear the veil in public while being objectified in Arab music videos.

Questioning Female Objectification (03:00)

In her documentary "The Bodies of Women," Lorella Zanardo criticizes sexism in Lebanese pop videos and Italian television. She lectures high school students on developing gender media awareness.

Breaking Media Stereotypes (03:42)

Moroccan journalist and TV host Leila Ghandi shows religious and cultural diversity among women in her country. She interviews young female kick boxers in Casablanca.

Sexual Harassment (02:04)

Tunisian and Moroccan women discuss feeling intimidated on the street. 83% of Egyptian women have been hassled, whether or not they wear a veil.

Arab Spring Sexual Violence (05:15)

Rape was used to intimidate female protestors. Samira Ebrahim became the first woman to sue the Egyptian Army for subjecting her to a virginity test—breaking social taboos and empowering other women to follow.

Arab Female Empowerment (04:12)

Moroccan social worker Aicha Chenna campaigns against social exclusion of single mothers. She provides counseling, daycare, and job training to help them become independent.

Financial Independence (02:34)

Chenna ignores Islamist threats for helping single mothers. A Moroccan woman provides for her son and hopes he'll be socially accepted one day.

Fighting Gender Oppression (02:12)

Arab women describe social expectations and convincing male family members to allow them to work.

Islamist Battle against Women (03:03)

Despite Arab Spring promises of equality, there's been a backlash against women's rights. Egyptian activist Sama al Masry uses belly dancing and comedy to protest the Muslim Brotherhood.

Arab Women's Revolution (02:32)

Egyptian, Moroccan and Tunisian women continue the fight for equality, democracy, and peace across the Mediterranean.

Credits: Mediterranean Women: Fighting for Their Rights (01:27)

Credits: Mediterranean Women: Fighting for Their Rights

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Mediterranean Women: Fighting for Their Rights

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During Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, women artists, lawyers, journalists, citizens and militants marched on the frontline for democracy and freedom. Together with their “sisters” in Israel, Italy, and Morocco, they stood up against dictatorship and social injustice, sexual harassment and objectification, and against the laws that are putting them behind bars. This documentary forms a unique portrait of female activists around the Mediterranean. Contains explicit nudity. (52 minutes)

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