Segments in this Video

Race and Ethnicity on Campus: Introduction (04:17)


Students who have been chosen for the study share their opinions on race and ethnicity. Family beliefs and childhood experiences have shaped their views.

Personal Views on Race (03:27)

A Native American student shares a childhood experience involving race. Students of various ethnicities share stories about prejudice and stereotypes.

Family (03:10)

Students from Texas and California share their views on education, race, inequality, and affirmative action.

Family: Diversity (03:14)

Students from varied ethnic backgrounds share their views on race, inequality, and affirmative action.

College: University of California, Berkley (03:56)

UC Berkeley has a diverse student population. Students describe not feeling supported after admission. African American students celebrate with "Black Graduation."

College: Univerity of Maryland, Amherst (06:04)

UM Amherst does not have a diverse student population. A black student describes how minority students have banded together.

The Students Meet: Day One (05:35)

Students from racially diverse backgrounds talk about past and present issues that affect them. All students want to be judged as individuals.

White Student Caucus (03:36)

White students reflect on the meeting they had with students of other races.

The Students Meet: Day Two (01:54)

A Jewish student does not identify with the white group. Students share meaningful facts about their race.

Day Two: Asian Cultures (01:26)

Asian students do not want to be lumped together. They want others to know that race is not just a black and white issue.

Day Two: Stereotypes (07:34)

Students of many races discuss the stereotypes they have been exposed to.

The Last Morning (03:03)

Students of different races talk about racism and reflect on what they have learned from each other.

The Last Morning: Lesson (03:50)

Students reflect on equality, racism, and what they learned from each other. They discuss taking action in their lives.

Credits: Skin Deep: Race and Ethnicity on Campus (02:09)

Credits: Skin Deep: Race and Ethnicity on Campus

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Skin Deep: Race and Ethnicity on Campus

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This film chronicles the eye-opening journey of a diverse and divided group of college students as they awkwardly but honestly confront each other's racial prejudices. Academy Award nominated filmmaker Frances Reid follows students from the University of Massachusetts, Texas A&M, Chico State, and U. C. Berkeley to a challenging racial awareness workshop where they confront each other's innermost feelings about race and ethnicity. She also accompanies them back to their campuses and on visits home in an attempt to understand why they think the way they do.

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