Segments in this Video

Anthropology on Campus Culture (01:19)


On-screen text quotes a Stanford professor on what Margaret Mead might have learned studying Stanford freshmen.

Exchange of Ideas (03:28)

A speaker warns Stanford freshmen to evaluate ideas carefully, as they will encounter good and bad ones. Freshmen move into their dorms.

Discussing Thoughts (03:15)

Stanford freshmen exchange thoughts on religion, race, gender and sex.

Talking About Sex (01:37)

A freshman girl portrays herself as having grown up sexually sheltered; a freshman boy talks about being bisexual.

Adjusting to College Life (02:08)

Students attend classes, go to the cafeteria and conduct other daily activities.

Opposite Sex (02:34)

A freshman boy tells his roommate about a girl. A girl shares negative views of men. A black freshman says he doesn't like black women dating white men.

Crack Addicted Mother (02:04)

A freshman girl tells classmates about her mother's crack addiction; they are unfamiliar with the kind of family troubles she has, and surprised at what they learn.

Paper Topics (02:26)

Students discuss with professors plans for their papers. The discussions and questions they face challenge them.

Response to Challenge of College (03:40)

Students struggle through their early college studies and turn in papers about which they are uncertain.

Gay Student (02:36)

A gay freshman talks about having people from all over the country in his dorm who may not approve of him. People in his dorm discuss feeling awkward.

Discomfort with Gay Kiss Photo (03:16)

A campus newspaper prints a photo of two men kissing. One student objects to this; others criticize him as homophobic.

Thoughts on Church (02:17)

A student talks about discomfort with the Catholic Church, in which she grew up, over social issues and refusal to allow women to be priests.

Racial Dating Preferences (01:54)

An Asian student says he is more likely to date Asian girls due to similar cultural experiences. Another sees himself as American in values and more likely to date whites.

Blind Date (02:00)

A student prepares for a blind date. He doesn't see it as entirely satisfying, as there is no sense of accomplishment.

Strategy with Girls (02:11)

Prompted by a girl, two boys talk about their strategy with girls, and the extent of their willingness to make the first move.

Is Aristotle Evil? (03:20)

In class, a student suggests the need to change men. Later, another girl urges a boy to take down what she considers demeaning posters of women.

Multiculturalism (01:37)

A girl asks a boy if he is uncomfortable as a white male at Stanford with multicultural protests and affirmative action.

Oral Sex (02:31)

Students talk and joke about oral sex, and their discomfort with it.

Drunken Party (03:55)

Students prepare alcohol for a party. They get drunk and act wild.

Grades (02:52)

One student gets an A on her paper. Another is less satisfied with his grade. Another is getting a D in chemistry. Another routinely turns papers in late.

Lacking Motivation (02:56)

A councilor tries to persuade a student to commit to turning in papers on time. She is considering dropping out. A friend urges her to buck up.

Studying and Tests (03:37)

A professor discusses with students how to approach preparation for an upcoming test. Students study material for tests.

Taking Stock (01:47)

Students deal with their early academic failures and leave for break.

Christmas Break (02:48)

Students relax at home on Christmas break, and discuss college and grades.

Parents' Expectations (02:31)

A mother talks about what she wants her son to get out of college. Another mother talks to her daughter, who is considering changing majors.

Back to School (01:41)

Students return to Stanford from break and are excited to be back.

Ideological Debates (00:46)

Students become frustrated with ideological debates.

Wavering Catholic (02:13)

A girl who grew up Catholic has taken her disagreements with the Church much more seriously since coming to college. She is troubled about what to do next.

Valentine's Day (01:18)

Under peer pressure, students get up at 6:30 for a Valentine's Day event.

Rumors About Sexual Orientation (04:07)

Two straight men are upset that people think they are in a gay relationship. They confront someone, who explains why he has that impression.

Overanalyzing (01:07)

Two girls talk about how many of their classmates are insecure and overanalyze their relationships and friendships.

Cream Masks (01:43)

Girls persuade boys to let them put white skin cream on their faces.

Attitudes Toward Greek System (03:37)

Students have different views on the merits of the Greek system. A black student looks forward to snubbing fraternities he knows will badly want him for diversity.

Acceptance and Rejection (02:16)

One student sees his acceptance to a fraternity as a key social success of a kind he did not have in high school. Another is upset about being turned down.

Response to Ideas (04:11)

A professor's teachings on social control influence and trouble a student. A student criticizes a class as focused on agendas rather than philosophical depth.

Criticism of Professor (02:49)

Students talk about how they have changed in their first year in college.

Credits: Frosh (01:18)

Credits: Frosh

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A widely acclaimed chronicle of one year in a racially diverse freshman residence hall at Stanford University, this classic film traces a dramatic journey of social experimentation and intellectual curiosity, cultural clashes and spiritual crisis, academic pressure and adjustment problems, but ultimately, individual self-discovery within a diverse community. The film's frank and open approach to gender, racial, political, and academic issues common to all campuses will help prepare any student for the challenges of college life.

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