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Esther Duflo: Thinking Existenz (30:00)


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Esther Duflo: Thinking Existenz

Part of the Series : Thinking Existenz
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Born in 1972 in Paris. Professor of Economics at MIT, Boston, founder of the Poverty Action Lab and director of the Center of Economic Policy Research’s development economics program. She is a regular contributor to the weekly newspaper Libération. Motivated by the responsibility that came with having been born in the Parisian upper class, Esther Duflo chose to be an economist, reconciling research and action. Starting with the interrogation on what constitutes poverty, she tells us about the way reality is materialized by politicians. According to Duflo, many of the development policies, where the issue of poverty is the central object, are largely ineffective, because they stem from wrong assumptions about poverty and about the poor. A trap that Duflo calls the “triple i”: ideology, ignorance, and inertia. Duflo deconstructs some of the stereotypes about poverty and reveals to us the way the cycles of poverty work: in other words why, the poorer the people, the higher the probability that they will stay poor.

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