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Lucrecia Martel: Thinking Existenz (30:00)


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Lucrecia Martel: Thinking Existenz

Part of the Series : Thinking Existenz
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Born in 1966 in Salta, Argentina. Studied Cinema and Communication Science in Buenos Aires. As a film director, she belongs to the current known as New Argentinian Cinema. In Lucrecia Martel's view, cinema allows us a sneak peek at reality, motivated by curiosity rather than prejudice. Lucrecia thinks of cinema as a way of accessing that what is real, a way to question our perception of reality, which is given meaning through cinema. Our perception is shaped, with everyone's consent, by a certain version of history. Nevertheless, humanity possesses more shades and nuances than those offered to us by the current vision of a global world. According to Lucrecia Martel, the essence of life cannot be grasped and cinema enables us to see this transcendent quality that is, after all, she says, part of us. With English subtitles.

Length: 26 minutes

Item#: BVL55442

ISBN: 978-0-81609-692-3

Copyright date: ©2013

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