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Recognizing Abuse (01:41)


There is no excuse or justification for abuse. Abuse is about power and control, and doesn't happen by accident. Victims find it hard to tell when someone they know is crossing a relationship boundary.

Physical & Emotional Abuse (00:49)

Physical abuse is the most obvious. It includes hitting, kicking, choking and more. Emotional or psychological abuse is more difficult to identify. Threats and taunts make victims feel worthless or stupid.

Sexual Abuse & Neglect (02:20)

Learn situations that are considered sexual abuse. Neglect includes lack of food, shelter or social interaction and can lead to health problems. Abusers make excuses and try to keep their behavior secret.

Family Abuse (01:50)

Learn when conflicts in the home become domestic abuse. A victim can be the abused or witness abuse of another family member. Threats of physical abuse are a form of emotional abuse.

Domestic Sexual Abuse (02:38)

Hear a victim dramatization and excuses used by abusers. Preventing social interaction and neglecting physical needs are less obvious forms of family abuse.

Romance and Dating (03:12)

Healthy relationships are built on respect and trust; one person should not wield power over another. Dating abuse usually follows a pattern that escalates to extreme abuse and if often cyclical.

Impact of Violence and Abuse (02:01)

Victims can suffer from debilitating emotions and paranoia as well as physical symptoms. In this dramatization, a victim describes overwhelming feelings while recalling the abuse.

Coping Strategies (01:12)

Victims turn to drugs or alcohol and self-harm such as cutting, burning or attempted suicide. They can also suffer from depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Dealing with Abuse (03:13)

Victims are unsure whom to trust and may fear not being believed, or losing the relationship with the abuser. Get help by confiding in a friend, family, a doctor, teacher, or helpline.

Credits: Recognizing Abusive Relationships (00:50)

Credits: Recognizing Abusive Relationships

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Recognizing Abusive Relationships

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"There's no justification or reason good enough for someone to hurt, threaten, neglect or take advantage of you. Especially when the person doing it is supposed to care about the victim." Recognizing Abusive Relationships is a compelling and informative program that tackles this important issue with sensitivity and openness. Viewers are provided with straightforward information to help them understand and identify what abuse looks like in family and dating relationships. Forms of abuse (physical, psychological, sexual, neglect) and warning signs are clearly outlined and supported through the dramatized voices of victims sharing their feelings on, and experiences of abuse. The strength of this program is that it dispels many common excuses of abusers and focuses on empowering the abused. Developed to address middle to senior high health and guidance courses, this resource is also a valuable tool for tertiary study in related fields.

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